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1st Scottish IBS Support Group - Home Page
1st Scottish IBS Support providing support and information to IBS sufferers and their families in Scotland.

A Child's Wish of Greater New Orleans
Dedicated to helping make wishes come true for children with serious medical conditions. Features history of organization, how to refer, events, news, testimonials, supporters, and contact information.

A Common Bond (Gay & Lesbian Support Group for Former Jehovah's Witnesses)
international support network for gay and lesbian former and active members of the Jehovah's Witnesses religion

A Day in a Life with Chronic Illness
A personal account of daily events aims to promote better understanding.

A Special Wish Foundation
Dedicated to granting wishes of children under the age of 21 diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder.

A Wish Come True, Inc. of Rhode Island
Grants wishes to children ages 3 through 18, who have a life-threatening illness. Includes facts, history, staff, how to sponsor a wish, stories, volunteers, and upcoming events.

A Wish with Wings
Grants wishes to Texas children who have life threatening illnesses.

A Woman's Healing Journey
Free articles, books, workbooks, coaching, and telephone support groups for wives of sex addicts.

AA Meetings In Buffalo, New York
The Absolutes Group is a twelve step room located in Buffalo, New York and has multiple meetings a day.

Amputees Federation of New Zealand: Home

International organization providing information and emotional support to individuals and their families affected by facial differences and disfigurements.

Acne Support Group in Cyberspace
Support group and forum for anyone with acne to visit, discuss, share treatments, provide support and move through the stressful event of having acne.

Alpha 1 Canada
Improving the Lives of Canadians Suffering from Alpha-1

Alpha-1 New Zealand
Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) is an inherited condition. A mutation in the AAT gene gives rise to absent, abnormal or decreased levels of the AAT protein. Without functional AAT protein, the small air sacs of the lungs become damaged, causing shortness of breath, wheezing and lung disease. The accumulation of abnormal AAT protein in the liver contributes to liver damage, causing cirrhosis. This has lead some to describe AAT as the only condition where you can get “…emphysema without smoking, cirrhosis without drinking

Angelman Syndrome New Zealand
The web pages of the Angelman Syndrome organisation of New Zealand

Trying to improve the lives of children living with HIV/AIDS by answering wishes and paying for computers for the children to use while using treatment centers.

Angioma Alliance
Angioma Alliance is a non-profit international voluntary health organization created by people affected by cavernous angioma cerebral cavernous malformations.

Animal Advocate e.V
Unterstützung des Wohlergehens von sozial, psychisch und/oder physisch nachstehender Menschen durch Tierbesuche. Dazu Vermittlung und Informationen zu Spenden und für die Presse.

Anke Orloff - Tiergestützte Fördermaßnahmen
Vorstellung eines Angebots tiergestützter Fördermaßnahmen mit geprüftem Therapiebegleit-/Schulbesuchshund und Pferden. [D-42699 Solingen]

Annegret Noble, Natur- und Erlebnistherapie für Jugendliche
und Familientherapeutin informiert über die Naturtherapie sowie über die pferdeunterstützte Therapie, die sie in den USA anbietet.

Anorchidism Support Group
Supports any person, or families of boy's, with congenital or acquired absence of the testes. History of the group, what they do and how to join.

Anorchidism Support Group
For a parent the discovery that their child has any kind of specific condition or disability is one of the most devastating experiences that they will live through. Many families comment on how isolated they feel by this news and how difficult it can be to find relevant information no matter what the diagnosis.

Answers4Families-The Answers4Families project (Nebraska Network for Children and
This Web site is a place where families, caregivers, and professionals can subscribe to e-mail discussion groups, search the Nebraska Resource Referral System (NRRS) database, submit questions to a registered pharmacist through AskRx, or to our 'expert' of the month through the 'Ask an Expert' program

ASN is a social network for people with anxiety disorders, if you are looking for others in your situation then it is the right place.

Apert Network of New Zealand
The following was developed from information contained in an article entitled Clinical Assessment and Multispecialty Management of Apert Syndrome, written by Lawrence C. Kaplan, MD, and published in Clinics in Plastic Surgery-Vol. 18, No. 2, April 1991.

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