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A Hypoglycemia Forum--a forum that provides information and support for sufferer
The Hypoglycemia Forum is dedicated to providing sufferers of hypoglycemia and their family members with information and support. People with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are also welcome.

A forum for worldwide communication for Marfan Syndrome Organizations
A global information center providing links to Marfan Syndrome Organizations aroud the world

ALS/MND Support Groups
Free support groups for people affected by ALS and motor neuron disease.

Adult Stem Cell therapy for Autism
Autism Speaks, Community, Message Boards Autism Science Adult Stem Cell therapy for Autism

Aging Issues Message Board
Message Boards on Health Related Topics. Aging Issues Message Board

Allergy Discussion Group, Prevention, Self-Care, Mutual Help
Talk about allergies in the Allergy online discussion group. Read and send messages, subscribe, signoff, search the Allergy Archives, post messages, study allergy basics, or ask for help.

Welcome to allnurses: A Nursing Community for Nurses. The largest most active online nursing community. Join 299,202 nurses from around the world to learn, communicate, and network.

Welcome to's AlternativeMedicine Forum , where your questions about all alternative medicine topics are answered by Alternative Healthcare Providers (AHP).

Online support forums for carers and people with anaphylaxis and severe allergy problems to share their experiences and make new friends.

Angel Twin Moms
A list for parents who have lost one or more of their multiples to get support.

Attachment Parenting Multiples
A list for parents who are interested in Attachment Parenting their twins, triplets, quads or more.

Australian herpes forum
Seeking practical information about the genital herpes virus and what causes it, how to live with it and effectively manage and treat it? Want to know where to find help?

Autism Awareness message board
The place to share ideas, views and information with other people who care about autism.

ABI/TBI Brain Injured Children Support list is for parents or other family members who take care of children with a Brain Injury. Includes subscribing instructions and an archive of past postings.

Colorado Brain Injury Waiver Work Group information on subscribing.

Bontril Meridia Phentermine Xenical Users Group
Non profit / commercial discussion area for prospective and existing users of prescription weight loss diet pills.

Breast Cancer Support Forum
Breast Cancer Support Forum

Brilliant Madness
Brilliant Madness is a positive and supportive web site, not a site that enables others. Our goal is to provide support for those who are willing to help themselves. We offer a safe place for people to heal. This is a place for all to share what they are comfortable with, without any pushing. We hope that you find this site insightful and helpful in your recovery.

CARE-HF-L TBI/ABI Caregivers of High-Functioning brain injured
For parents, spouses or other family members who takes care of a person with a brain injury that is high-functioning. Provides subscription information and archives of past postings.

ABI/TBI caregivers discussion for people who care for a spouse with a brain injury. Also provides subscription guidelines and an archive of past posts.

A general list for parents, spouses or other family members who take care of a person with a brain injury. Professional caregivers are also welcome. Offers information on subscribing as well as an archive of past postings.

CafeMedico-One Step ForwarD
this is a discussion forum for all aspects of medical & paramedical, all medical books available at free of cost

Celiac Quebec
gluten free diet, gluten, wheat, celiac disease, allergies, gluten, riceman

Cerebral Palsy Forum
A forum for parents/carers of children living with Cerebral Palsy to share ideas, advice, experiences, thoughts, fears and more.
Virtual support network for NZ families. Information about pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Birth stories, baby name finder, product reviews, personalised members´┐Ż pages. Discussion forums.

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