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21st Century Robotics
Manufacturer of life-sized educational and promotional robotics for crime prevention, child safety programs and commercial product promotions.

Acroname, Inc.
Robot kits, components, information and design services.

Applied AI Systems, Inc.
AAI offers intelligent autonomous mobile robots and applications development using behavior-based and conventional methods. Also distributes K-Team and RWI robots.

Dolphin and Wizard automatic pool cleaners, pool robot and vacuum.

Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Services include vehicle automation, ground-up autonomous or tele-operated robotic vehicle design, software design, and automation electronics.

Produces and markets the ANT navigation as well as autonomous mobile robots for industrial automation and service robotics.

Boston Dynamics
Designs and builds walking robots for research and demonstrations, offers consulting on robotics and on simulation software.

Provides robotics integration and embedded systems development services.

Element Products, Inc.
A full-service product development company, specializing in robotics. Complete consumer robot design, from first prototypes to manufacturing in China. Located in Broomfield, Colorado, United States.

Energid Technologies
Develops software products and services for robotic and machine-vision applications.

Evolution Robotics
Maker of ER1 robot kit. Also provide embedded hardware/software to OEMs for robot navigation and vision.

Australian company that manufactures robot vacuum cleaners.

Gecko Systems
Business and home automation with a programmable, upgradeable, expandable robot that interfaces with Windows 95, 98, and NT. GUI software included.

HTR, Hellenic Technology of Robotics
Robotics, Industry Automation Hardware and Software, Security Systems, Business Software

Innovation First, Inc.
Suppliers of educational robot kits and components as well as components for FIRST robotics teams.

International Federation of Robotics
Industry group concerned with commercial robotics.

International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
A high technology engineering company that designs, builds and integrates submersible vehicles ROVs, AUVs and robotic systems with real time control software for subsea, space and terrestrial applications.

Inuktun Services Ltd.
Designer and manufacturer of compact remotely operated robotic inspection systems and components for use in confined spaces, underwater and hazardous environments.

JLC Robotics
Robot kits, microcontrollers, and robotics-related kits.

Manufacturer of education and research robots in Europe. Set of mobile robots products and a related know-how, with specific hardware or software.

Offers a wide range of robot kits and components including arms, wheeled robots, and walking robots. Based in Pekin, Illinois, United States.

Mekatronix, Inc.
Manufactures robots, microcontrollers, robot kits, microcontroller kits, RC servos, Wireless Mini Spy Cameras, IR, Usonic, and Photo Sensors, Motorola 68HC11 Chips, software and parts from many manufacturers.

MobileRobots, Inc.
Provides indoor/outdoor mobile robots to corporations, government and research institutions worldwide.

Mobot, Inc
Provides autonomous mobile robots for entertainment and education applications.

Mr Robot
Online store offering robots, robot kits, microcontrollers, sensors, and other robot components.

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