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1 Digital Records Management
Document scanning for conversion to CD-ROM, CD-ROM duplication, video conversion to CD-ROM and microfilm/microfiche services

Developers of software for computer animation and special effects industry. Products do automatic camera motion recovery, and foreground subtraction. Site has regular news updates.

3D Slicer
The 3D Slicer is freely available, open-source software for visualization, registration, segmentation, and quantification of medical data.

Providing independent consulting and training in the document technologies industry.

A.L.I. Technologies
Develops diagnostic image management systems.

AI Shack
Tutorials and projects based on computer vision and machine learning. Very suitable for people just starting with image processing.

Develops products for finance, medical imaging, and Internet/Intranet knowledge processing and data intelligence uses.

AccuImage Diagnostics Corp.
Solutions for medical image processing and communications using PC based technology.

Active Vision Lab, University of Oxford
Currently2004 working in Whole body motion, hand tracking, wearable robot, Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping SLAM with a single camera.

Ad Bax Group and NIH
TALOS Program, NMRPipe, SSIA, and PALES software. Articles with contact information.

Advanced Information Technologies
Specialize in imaging, document management systems and customized programming.

Aeskulap DICOM Viewer
Cross-platform imaging workstation and PACS client, with downloads, screenshots and product news.

Allan Webb Ltd
Document Scanning conversion to any format, document scanning and capture, electronic storage, paper archive, legacy conversion, document to CD conversion, Internet and the production of technical publications. Procurement to UK MOD and engineering industry.

Alper Yilmaz: Computer Vision
Research papers on topics including object tracking in EO and IR Imagery, Face Recognition, Pose Recovery, and Action Recognition.

Angels LAB - Computer Imaging for Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry
Computer imaging enables you to view the results of a plastic surgery or dental procedure on your own image, before a procedure is performed.

Archive Builders
Assists organizations with their plans for document management, document imaging systems, and digital libraries.

Area Medica Soft
Ultrasound and software for the digestive endoscopy specialist.

Association for Information and Image Management
Organizations for users and vendors of document imaging, document management and knowledge management solutions. A good information resource.

Automatic Gait Recognition at Southampton
Describe new approaches to recognising people by the way they walk. This is a new biometric, with particular application advantages availability at distance, and non contact. Early results show that by computer vision we can indeed recognise people by their gait.

BMI Associates
Document imaging, forms processing, software, hardware, integration.

BMI Imaging
Document imaging and management providing microfilming services, microfilm scanning, and microfilm reader printers.

Babel - A Molecular Structure Information Interchange Hub
A program designed to interconvert a number of file formats currently used in molecular modeling.

Barrington - Nautilus Medical
Nautilus is one of the fastest growing companies in the radiology marketplace today. We are a leading technology provider with installations all over the world.

Blue Canyon Imaging
Imaging company with a primary focus on information processing.

Business Imaging Systems
Company is dedicated to providing solutions to document management problems, including micrographics, scanners, hardware, software.

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