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ADL Data Website
Financial & Clinical applications for nursing homes and rehab.

ALG Software
Corporate performance management software for cost and profitability analytics, advanced business planning, forecasting and driver-based budgeting.

ALT-C Systems
Business forecasting systems for mission-critical manufacturing, distribution and sales force automation environments with offerings that include TimeTrends e-Forecasting and TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse.

ARMUS Corporation
ARMUS Corporation's Outcomes 3™ Clinical and Financial Data Management Suite is a result of more than six years of development and continuous client feedback and input. We have created one of the most sophisticated and powerful clinical data management applications available.

Account Ability
CP Corporate Planning AG software reseller in the UK

Accounting Systems Technology, Inc.
Accounting Systems Technology, Inc. is proud to present the VISIONS line of healthcare software. Each product is designed in coordination with industry professionals. It is then tested in real-world environments to ensure that it is the most effective and easy to use software on the market today. In addition, all of our products are priced to be affordable for any size agency. VISIONS is the health care administration software you�ve been looking for!

The Alpha II CLAIMstaker scrutinizes your claim just like a carrier does, so your reimbursement won't be compromised or delayed by coding errors. Plus, you can ensure your claims are compliant with Medicare's front-end format requirements as well.

Accudata Service, Inc.
Accudata is a proud reseller of Medisoft Patient Accounting Software, Medi-Notes and Spring Charts. MediSoft Patient Accounting software is used in tens of thousands of healthcare practices and billing services. MediSoft is used for insurance billing, electronic claim submission, accounts receivable tracking and practice management.

Ace Payroll Plus
Source of up to date information on New Zealand's taxation, employment law, and payroll software.

Alpha Site, Inc.
Alpha Site has been providing information systems solutions and support to our clients since 1985. AlphaTemp was developed in 1987 to serve the temporary employment market. In 1990, AlphaCare was added for home health agencies.

Axenda Software
A provider of multi-dimensional budgeting, planning, forecasting and analytic applications designed for mid-size to larger organizations.

B-Plan Information Systems
Offers accounting and budgeting software systems. Includes product brochures and updates.

Boca Raton - Eclipsys
The Outcomes Company®; Eclipsys is a leading provider of advanced clinical, financial and management information software and service solutions that help our customers be among the best places to both give and receive care. We have become known as The Outcomes Company for the documented value in care quality, safety and cost-efficiency our solutions are bringing to healthcare enterprises of virtually all sizes.

Budget Maestro
Business management software for budgeting, financial consolidation, strategic planning forecasting analysis and reporting with connectivity to accounting systems.

Online spreadsheet and budgeting software with date-shifting.
Web-based budgeting, forecasting and business plan writing software. Free trial available.

Budgeting software developer.

Budgeting Software Journal
Budgeting and forecasting software news and reviews.

Business Intelligence Journal
Delivers business intelligence, and analytics news and resources, including budgeting and forecasting software news.

Canadian Payroll Solutions
Online payroll and human resource services for Canadian employees.

Cintra HR & Payroll Services
Provides payroll and Human Resources systems to United Kingdom businesses with links to accounting and time and attendance systems.

Offers budgeting and analytical applications, OLAP, financial consolidation, management planning and control software.

Colleton Software Associates
Colleton Software Associates specializes in the resolution of paperwork and reimbursement problems encountered by Emergency Medical Services. We offer a variety of services and products to automate the Ambulance Service Provider's system call and billing documentation.

Corporate Planning
Budgeting and corporate finance software.

Specializing in payroll software and services, including human resource management and employee self service.

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