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AIDA v4 freeware diabetes software simulator program of glucose-insulin action
Free diabetes software simulator / modeling program of blood glucose - insulin action + insulin dose & diet adjustment in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Academic Software, Inc.
The home page of ASI, a small, Lexington, Kentucky-based, educational research, development, and consulting firm specializing for 19 years in the field of assistive technology, software, and computer access for people with disabilities, teachers, and helping professionals.

Affirma Health (Amalga Consulting)
Affirma Health offers Microsoft Amalga Consulting and Amalga Implementation Services as a preferred Microsoft vendor.

Amplitude Clinical
Clinical outcomes are a way to measure the results of your progress within a healthcare system. They are important as they help to monitor your reduction in symptoms and ensure that you are getting the best possible patient care. The Amplitude pro series is a new way of capturing and managing PROMs. It uses web based software to enable the collection of Clinical Outcomes for a variety of treatment pathways, whether you are seen privately or on the NHS.

Ashland - Plexis Healthcare System
Provides information about benefits administration software and technology services offered by Plexis Healthcare Systems

Asthma Management Software
An asthma management software package for Windows/Mac and mobile devices, such as Palm/Handspring/Blackberry. It is extremely user friendly and allows to keep a complete record of peak flow measurements, medications, and observations. Graphs and reports can be can be printed out to take to your doctor. It is fully networked, and allows you to access your data when you are away from your computer.

Attention Control Systems, Inc.
Advanced planning software for handheld computers. Designed for individuals with Brain Injury, A.D.D., Alzheimer's Disease, and other cognitive disorders.

Aurora Systems, Inc.
Aurora for Windows from Aurora Systems, Inc. helps people with learning disabilities write and spell better. It also helps people with physical disabilities. Download a free demo.

Avaaz Innovations Inc.
AVAAZ Innovations develops and markets software products for clinical, research, and industrial applications involving speech and spoken language. We are a university spinoff company, headquartered in one of North America's leading speech & hearing centers. Our customers include researchers, engineers and clinicians in more than 60 countries. We offer leading-edge products for both R&D and clinical needs to let you analyze, measure and process speech and other acoustic signals; for advanced voice assessment; to treat childhood articulation and phonological disorders; and to assess and treat aphasia and adult language disorders.

Bavisoft. Software for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
Bavisoft. Software for the blind and visually impaired. Introducing Audio Games powered with cd quality sound imagery.

Blacksburg - Bungalow Software, Inc.
Speech therapy software for rehabilitation from stroke, aphasia, TBI. For patients and clinicians. Free demos.

Body Tracker
Software that calculates and records body fat percentages using a fat caliper or tape measure. Also records body composition, records measurements, graphing, and displays pictures as you lose body fat.

Brain Fitness Program
Scientifically validated award-winning brain fitness program. Brain exercises today will improve your memory. Train only 20 minutes 3 times a week.

CapMed Corporation
Whether you are caring for an elderly relative, tracking your child's immunizations, or are simply tired of searching endlessly or phoning your doctor for health-care information, the Personal Health Record (PHR) offers a simple, inexpensive conputer-based method to take charge of your family's medical history.

Care Touch
Administration and coordination tools for Canada-based child care center facilities. French and English language available.

Cerrus Ltd
Cerrus Ltd is a leading provider of software solutions to the Community Health and Social Care markets.

Childcare Office Pro
Windows compatible childcare management software with network functionality. Demo download available.

Childcare Sage
Childcare and preschool management software includes record keeping, billing, scheduling, time management and accounting.

Childminding Accounts
Online account management system for UK-Based Childminders.

Day care management software for single or multi-site children day care centers.

Compucare, Inc.
Assistance for people with disabilities - Voice activation software & hardware - adaptive products. Voice activated professional dictation systems. Complete training and support. Central and northern New England area.

Controltec, Inc.
Management systems for subsidized childcare programs, including waiting list management.

Dancing Dots
Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology is the company that helps blind musicians make music with their computers. We developed the GOODFEEL� Braille Music Translator and we resell all kinds of music software, accessories and a wide range of assistive technology.

Daycare Works
Online management for financials, enrollments, attendance, meal programs and communications for school districts, multi-site or single site childcare facilities.

Diabetes Log Book
Diabetic log book for glucose levels, blood pressure & medication intake. Also features a meal planner & nutrional value tool to assist in determining your daily nutrional intake.

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