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100s of Vision Therapy Success Stories: Learning Disabilities, ADD-ADHD, Autism
Reports by Parents, Teachers, Children & Adults on Vision Therapy for Learning Disabilities, ADD-ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Gifted Learning Disabled, Nonverbal LD, Special Education & other Unspecified LD.

GenTeal for Dry Eyes

more about treating dry eye with eye drops, eye solution, or eye ointment from GenTeal.

About Strabismus -- Cross-eyed, Crossed-eyes, Squint, Lazy Eye -- All Types and
Comprehensive Information on Lazy Eye, Cross-eyed, Strabismus, Squint, Eye Muscle Surgery, Crossed-Eyes, Eye Deviations, etc.

About Vision and Traumatic Brain Injury Injuries TBI Injured Double Vision Diplo
Information on treatment of vision problems resulting from TBI Traumatic Brain Injury. Articles by eye doctors.
Online resource that lists cataract surgeons by region across the U.S.A. Includes information and details about cataract surgery.

All About Children's Vision and Visual Health, ADHD, A
Helping Children with ADHD, Lazy Eye, Strabismus, Esotropia, Exotropia, Convergence Insufficiency, Eye Tracking, etc.

Provides information and resources about artificial eyes, finding an Ocularist, and dealing with eye loss.

Augenprothesen,eye prothese,artificial eyes
Informing about eye prothese - artificial eyes - made of glass or plastic

Augenprothetik Lauscha informing about eye prothese
The German artificial eye made of glass was invented by a citizen from the town of Lauscha Mr. Ludwig Müller-Uri, in 1835. On the basis of this tradition the specially trained staff (ocularists) ofour company manufactures eye protheses made of glass.

Beyond Discovery: Preserving the Miracle of Sight: Lasers and Eye Surgery
Learn how two streams of basic research intersected in the early 1960s to produce a revolution in ophthalmology that has saved hundreds of thousands of people from severe vision impairment or blindness.

Boston Retinal Implant Project
The goal of the Boston Retinal Implant Project is to develop a microelectronic retinal implant to restore vision to patients with age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. Our implant design has unique features that improve its safety, function and performance. We are currently testing our implant design and as of yet, it is not commercially available.

Brian's Eye, a personal encounter with Macular Degeneration
A patient's perspective of macular degeneration and how to cope with eye disease.

Convergence Insufficiency
What is Convergence Insufficiency? Leading cause of eyestrain especially with reading, blurry vision, double vision, near vision probems, headaches, exophoria.
Offers information and national provider referrals for customized Lasik laser eye surgery.

Online forums for people who have had, or are contemplating having, refractive eye surgery.

Directory of Vision Therapy Providers -- national, free referrals, links, faqs,
National Directory of Vision Therapy Providers -- Free Referrals, Information, Links, FAQs, esotropia, esophoria, exophoria, exotropia, hyperopia, myopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness

Eye Advisory
If you have come here, it is clear that you are interested in learning more about your eyes and how to maintain or improve your sight.

Eye Care Info is the comprehensive website for all of your eyecare needs. From consumer related information to pertinent news and information for the eye care professional.

Eye Care Source
Consumer guide to contact lenses, LASIK, eye problems, and conditions. Includes a doctor search tool for finding surgeons, optometrists, and presbyopia specialists.

Eye DocShop
Physician referral directory that helps consumers find doctors with web sites in their area.

Eye Doctor Guide
Online guide to eye doctors. Also includes eye care related articles, current news, resources, and forums.

Eye Surgery Cost
Information on the cost of eye surgery including laser eye surgery.

Search for eye specialists, along with information on eye surgery, diseases, and eyewear.

Directory of independent eye care professionals, including optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.

Offers natural eyesight improvement through an eye exercise program.

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