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A Voice for Men
A website that covers reproductive rights, bias and misandry, against man and boys in the media and many other issues.

Acquire Mag
Online guide for men looking for the latest in fashion, technology, cars, and gear.

Art of Manliness
Targets husbands and fathers, featuring health, sports, relationships, and grooming.

Ask Mamu
A lifestyle magazine that targets Indian men.

Ask Men
Offers tips, hints, and guides about sex, women, relationships, dating, cheating, fashion, and health.

Online publication updated weekly with gadgets and image galleries of women.

Bless This Stuff
Web magazine for guys that features products such as gadgets, gear, technology and vehicles.

Online publication for guys that focuses on products and gadgets.

Geared towards career-driven men who enjoy local night-life, gadgets, sports, and entertainment.
Online magazine intended for men; sections include models, sports, entertainment, vices and city guides.

Citynet Magazine
General entertainment and lifestyle magazine with a focus on men. Includes a gallery of female models.

Online destination for men in their 20's who are interested in style, music, games, and women.

Contemporary Masculine
A buying guide that features gadgets, cars, clothes, shoes, and other stuff that guys like.

Cool Material
Men's shopping blog featuring the latest in tech, rides, style, and art.

Entertainment magazine for males including sections in culture, sports, health, and recent news.

Debonair Magazine
A men's lifestyle magazine that specializes in budget living and lifestyle improvement.

A blog dedicated to finding design, culinary and electronics for men.

Double Agent
Daily intelligence for men.

Guide for men who want to live a fuller, richer, more informed and rewarding life. Style, manners, money, culture, and cuisine.

Publishes daily articles on tech tips, gaming tricks, sports news and entertainment buzz.

American version of a British magazine. Features girls, entertainment and video games.

Fancy Material
Covers the latest material possessions that appeal to men.

Digital magazine for men that focuses on adventure, gear, photography, women, and videos.

Fearless Men
A blog that publishes articles related to increasing a man's confidence and learning new skills.

A guide that aims to find gear that appeals to guys.

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