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ACFC - American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Help with your divorce problems and register your voice in Washington.

Alabama Family Rights Association
Resource for fathers and other non-custodial parents in Alabama; includes articles, census data, links.

American Men's Studies Association
The American Men’s Studies Association advances the critical study of men and masculinities by encouraging the development of teaching, research and clinical practice in the field of men’s studies.

BetterMen® Coaching
The BetterMen process isn’t therapy. What most men need is not a diagnosis. What we need is trusting relationships with other men, to make commitments to be BetterMen, and to be held accountable to our commitments. This is what changes men’s lives. This is what improves the lives of those we love.

Boys To Men Mentoring Network
Boys to Men has developed a simple approach to address the growing problem of boys growing up without a father (32% in the US today). And Boys to Men is not just for fatherless boys. After working with boys for 15 years, we have found that all boys need, want and thrive from having more good men in their lives.

COMEGA Connecticut Men's Gathering
The purpose of the Connecticut Men’s Gathering (COMEGA ) is to empower men to create and foster a community where the invitation is to break down the internal barriers that cause isolation.

CPF / Fatherhood Coalition
Working to promote shared parenting and to end the discrimination faced by divorced and unwed fathers; information on chapters throughout Massachusetts.

Children Fathers Together
Web-based educational organization that offers fathers rights' resources and links; based in Massachusetts.

Concerned Black Men (CBM)
Concerned Black Men (CBM) was founded in 1975 when several Philadelphia police officers sponsored social events for kids at risk to gang violence. CBM’s vision was to fill the void of positive black male role models in many communities by providing mentors and programs that affirmed the care and discipline that all youth need, while providing opportunities for academic and career enrichment

Dads NOW
Dads NOW is the focal point for organizing national boycotts and public protest against antifamily business and governmental practices.

Dads Rights
Member-supported, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the premise that parenting is a 50/50 proposition.
Provides resources to assist fathers with U.S. family law and child custody issues; articles, discussion board, guides.

East Bay Nation of Men
supporting men, teams, family and community.

Fathers Are Capable Too
Canadian fathers' and children's rights organization dealing with custody and access which supports children's right to have a relationship with both parent.

Inside Circle Foundation, Inc.
Inside Circle Foundation, Inc., helping prisoners and parolees discover their destiny

We serve young people between the ages of 6 and 18, and MENTOR's work over the last two decades has helped millions of young people find the support and guidance they need to build productive and meaningful lives.

Malehealth is here to provide essential, accurate, easy to use information about the key health problems that affect men. Packed with tips, expert advice and details of how men can check their own health and use health professionals more effectively, malehealth provides the down-to-earth and practical rsources men need to lead healthier, happier lives.

Men Mentoring Men
Men Mentoring Men is a self-sustaining council of thoughtful men dedicated to participation in and appreciation of the triumphs and failures of life’s journey by enriching the lives of each other, those we love and the community at large.

Men's Educational Support Association MESA
Registered charitable organization whose main objective is to help families, fathers and children caught in the turmoil of domestic crisis.

Men's Health and Well Being Association Queensland
This site is operated by the Queensland Chapter of the MHWA and as such much of the content reflects programs and initiatives from South East Queensland and Northern NSW

Recruiting male teachers for education

Mens Rights Agency
A National, Non-Profit Organisation Providing a Better Outcome for Men and their Families

The New Orleans Men's Center is an association of men dedicated to developing generative masculinity through personal soul work, education, and dialogue with other men.

National Fathers Resource Center
Group provides hands-on services to fathers, grandparents, and others who have a current or future case in the Dallas or surrounding areas, or who have children in this geographic area.

Northern California Men's Center
After years of experience leading men's groups, Gary has refined the group therapy model to provide the ideal environment for growth, personal enrichment, and friendship.

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