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Apex Biologix
Specializes In Training Doctors and Medical Professionals How to Perform Stem Cell Therapies and Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Treatments. Apex Biologix also Provides Marketing Services and Equipment & Kits used for Stem Cell Therapy.

ABC News
Americans Go Abroad for Stem Cell Therapy

AFP: Stem cell therapy eases muscular dystrophy: study
A treatment for muscular dystrophy may be within view after US scientists reported Sunday they used stem cell transplants to improve muscle function in mice afflicted with the disease.

AIDS Research and Therapy
Human embryonic stem cell (hES) derived dendritic cells are functionally normal and are susceptible to HIV-1 infection

Access : Stem-cell treatment for Parkinson's brings mixed results : Nature News
The symptoms of Parkinson's disease have been relieved in rats using a stem-cell treatment. But a potentially cancerous side effect might put the brakes on such therapies for humans.

Additional Stem Cell Therapy for Graft Failure after Allogeneic Bone Marrow Tran
Karger is a medical publisher, scientific publisher and biomedical publisher of print and online journals and books.

Adult Stem Cell Success
With increasing frequency, American citizens and others from around the globe are experiencing newfound freedom from disease, affliction, and infirmity. Individuals' lives are forever changed with the strengthened faith and renewed hope that arise from healed bodies and physical restoration

Adult Stem Cell Treatments Abroad
Stem Cell treatment for Parkinson's, Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthiritis, Soinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

Advocates hold out hope for stem cell therapy - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Having spent 23 years in a wheelchair, Wall Street analyst Henry Stifel keeps a close eye on spinal cord research. And he says the latest scientific scandal in South Korea has not dimmed his hope that stem cells one day may help people like him.

American Foundation for the Blind
Umbilical Stem Cell treatment for O N H - Message Boards

An Important Update on Stem Cell Therapy
Ever searching for answers to treat and prevent autism, we began to look at the promise of stem cell therapy combined with the Body Ecology program. On their own, both stem cell therapy and Body Ecology are creating results. Together, we believed, there could be even greater benefits.

Annals of Oncology
Tumour stem cell-targeted treatment: elimination or differentiation -- Massard et al. 17 (11): 1620

Another Autism “Treatment”: Stem Cell Therapy
The Institute for Cellular Medicine announced today what appears to be the first publication in a peer reviewed journal outlining scientific rationale for the use of stem cells in the treatment of autism

Arch Neurol -- Abstract: The Changing Face of Neural Stem Cell Therapy in Neurol
Archives of Neurology, a monthly professional medical journal published by the American Medical Association, publishes original, peer-reviewed scientific research on the nervous system

Autism Speaks, Community, Message Boards
Adult Stem Cell therapy for Autism

Autism Treatments: Live Cell & Stem Cell Therapy for Autistic Children
Paul Niehans, M.D., [the originator of cell therapy, wrote]: "Cellular therapy is a method of treating the whole organism on a biological basis, capable of revitalizing the human organism with its trillions of cells by bringing to it those embryonic or young cells which it needs.

Autologous Adult Stem-Cell Therapy for Treating Stress Incontinence - Journal Wa
Nearly 80% of incontinent women have stress incontinence: The striated muscle component of the sphincter can be injured by childbirth or pelvic surgery, or it can just weaken with age. Previous small studies have found . . .

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Is Effective Treating Congestive Heart Failure - He
Final six-month, follow-up patient data suggest MyoCell myoblast clinical cell therapy is a safe and potentially effective alternative treatment to standard medical therapy alone for improving heart function among patients with previously implanted cardiac devices who are experiencing congestive heart failure.

BSP :: Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy Home Page
Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy publishes frontier reviews on all aspects of basic research on stem cells and their uses in clinical therapy. The journal's aim is to publish the highest quality review articles in the field. The journal is essential reading for all researchers and clinicians involved in stem cells.

Baxter Stem Cell Treatment Study, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
ACT34-CMI Trial (Autologous Cellular Therapy with CD34+ Cells in Chronic Myocardial Ischemia)

Beike Biotechnology
The purpose of this web site is to give you information not only on Beike as a company but also to give information on treatments available to patients outside of China. Beike is a biotechnology company that is contracted to provide stem cells for treatment at twenty hospitals in China and one in Thailand.

Beneficiary of Adult Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinson's Disease: Safaris and Sw
Treated by his own adult stem cells, Parkinson's disease victim Dennis Turner testifies of huge gains made by the treatment to a U.S. Senate committee. He improved so much that he was able to indulge in African safari-type trips and was unrecognizable as a Parkinson's sufferer by a neurologist.

BioMed Central Stem cell therapy
Stem cells possess multilineage capacity to be developed towards multiple stages of terminal cell differentiation. They represent the source for tissue growth and formation during development as well as the source for tissue regeneration throughout life.

Alternative to stem cell therapy discovered for treating chronic brain diseases

human embryonic stem cell-based therapeutics,biopharmaceuticals,anto cancer drug, cancer vaccine
human embryonic stem cell-based therapeutics

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