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AJMC - American Journal of Managed Care
The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) is an independent, peer-reviewed forum for the dissemination of research relating to clinical, economic, and policy aspects of financing and delivering healthcare. The Journal's mission is to publish original research relevant to clinical decision makers and policy makers as they work to promote the efficient delivery of high-quality care.

American Medical News
American Medical News - - is the newspaper for America's physicians. Published since 1958, it is one of the most widely read publications in the United States on news affecting the medical profession. From Medicare and managed care to public health and practice management, no other source covers the same range of current events affecting medical practice. The site contains the full text of all articles - about a thousand stories and columns a year, plus news briefs and letters. It offers free E-mail Alerts listing new content, and a full-text Mobile Edition for handheld/wireless.

Apollo Managed Care
Apollo Managed Care provides clinical and review criteria guidelines, operational manuals and other publications for medical groups, IPAs, PPOs and HMOs to improve cost-effective, quality-based health care management.

Atlantic Information Services, Inc.
AIS provides targeted electronic and print versions of news and data for managers in hospitals, HMOs, PPOs and other managed care plans; medical group practices; and other health care organizations. Newsletters, books, other periodicals and electronic services focus on managed care, Medicare, Medicaid and other management topics. A diverse line of products focuses on hospital Medicare compliance, fraud and abuse, false claims, physician self-referral, billing errors, and other corporate compliance and ethics issues for hospitals. An exhaustive database covers managed care plans, products, hospitals and purchasers in the 40 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Visit the website to sign up for our free e-mail business newsletter and to see detailed descriptions and ordering information.

Dorland Healthcare Information
Publishers of directories, market research reports, databases, and mailing lists for healthcare and managed care organizations. You'll find detailed descriptions, sample content, and ordering information for all of our products on our website.

ED Nursing
Finally a newsletter that understands ED nurses' complex clinical responsibilities and delivers down-to-earth solutions. Each issue is packed with clinical tips, techniques, and updates that can be reviewed and referenced quickly. ED Nursing gives you answers to the toughest clinical situations you face every day. Everything from difficult procedures and uncooperative patients to managed care and cost-cutting is included in this monthly guide.

Health Leaders InterStudy
Vital Managed Care Insights and Analytics -

Healthcare Intelligence Network
The Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN) is an electronic publishing company providing high-quality information on the business of healthcare. In one place, healthcare executives can receive exclusive, customized up-to-the minute information from more than 50 of the nation's leading healthcare publications in five key areas: managed care, hospital and health system management, health law and regulation, clinical care and outcomes, and the healthcare industry.

Hooper Lundy & Bookman, P.C.
Managed Care Alerts

Managed Care Information Center
Providing Essential Management Information to Healthcare Executives

Managed Care Insider eNews
The Managed Care Insider eNews is designed to be practical, provocative,and operationally useful as well as iconoclastic and informative. Controversy and dialogue with readers are its intent. It is not designed to be a collection of information repackaged from other sources although it will provide links to recent health news.

Managed Care Magazine
Managed Care Magazine

Managed Care Market News
MCIC's Managed Care Market News offers weekly accounts of news about managed care companies.

Managed Care and Healthcare Terminology
The following are definitions of commonly used terms in the medical provider, hospital and managed care industries.

Publications - Bayer Consulting
Bayser Consulting Managed Care Class

Trustee magazine publishes articles to help directors of health care organizations set a vision for healthier communities.

UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
Publications and Data: Managed Care Managed Care Special Report

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