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A Primer on Stem Cells - The ALS Association
The ALS Association encourages scientific research to find a cure for ALS, heightens awareness of the nature of the disease, stimulates volunteerism and activism, and increases awareness of government leaders to encourage support of research and patient care.

A case study in modern Washington dishonesty. - By Michael Kinsley - Slate Magaz
Pardon me for returning to stem cells. The Washington Post carried a reply to my column of last week criticizing President Bush's policy on stem-cell research. The author was Jay Lefkowitz, Bush's chief domestic policy adviser until moments ago. Even if yo

AAAS - AAAS/ICS Stem Cell Report
Stem Cell Research and Applications: Scientific, Ethical, and Policy Issues

AAAS - Center for Science, Technology and Congress
AAAS Policy Brief: Stem Cell Research

AAAS: Stem Cell Research & Applications
Scientific, ethical, and policy issues from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

ABC News: Finnish Patient Gets New Jaw from Own Stem Cells
Report that a bone transplant had been grown inside a patient from his stem cells, opening up new ways to treat severe tissue damage. February 02, 2008

AFAR: The Future of Stem Cell Research
Some ethical issues surrounding stem cell research remain controversial, and continued and open debate about the use of stem cells is critical. If these issues can be resolved, the future of science in this area shows tremendous promise. Among the areas being explored is the question of how to produce large numbers of stem cells in the laboratory. Stem cells that are "harvested" exist in small numbers; they then need to be cultured in the laboratory setting so that large volumes of them can be produced. This seems to be particularly challenging in the case of stem cells, as compared to mature cells.

Abcam: Stem Cells
Antibodies, markers, reagents and recent reviews of their applications, links to conferences. Online catalog and purchase available from Cambridge, England and Massachusetts.

Adult stem cell research advances
Adult stem cell research advances

Advanced BioHealing, Inc.
Development and marketing of cell based and tissue engineered products for wound care. Profile of company in Westport, Connecticut.

Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.
Applying human embryonic stem cell technology from facilities in Alameda, California and Worcester, Massachusetts.

All Things Stem Cell
A blog aiming to explore stem cell history, harvesting methods, uses in regenerative medicine, potential problems and recent news.

AllRefer Health - Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research information center.

American Stem Cell & Anti-Aging Center
Clinic in Ecuador that offers treatment with adult stem cells that are extracted from the patients own body. Includes information on the therapies, packages, testimonials and FAQ. - Catholic Update©2002- Stem-Cell Research by Thomas A. Sh
examines ethical issues arising from stem-cell research and offers a brief summary in lay terms of the current state of the technology.

Arlen Specter's Stem Cell Battle - CBS News
Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Penn, is leading the battle to allow federal spending on embryonic stem research. It's not just another piece of legislation for the ailing senator, reports

AssureImmune LLC.
Offers collection and preservation services, for both cord blood and adult clients, from their base in Boca Raton, Florida.

Australian Stem Cell Centre
The Australian Stem Cell Centre is a major Australian collaborative initiative uniting many of the country's leading academic researchers with the biotechnology industry to develop innovative therapeutic products to treat a range of serious injuries and debilitating diseases.

BBC News - UK to Extend Embryo Research
Parliament votes to allow controversial embryo research that will also involve limited human cloning, a move attacked by conservative groups.

BBC News: UK's First Hybrid Embryos Created
Report on survival of embryos in which human DNA has replaced native genetic material in bovine ova, at Newcastle University. April 01, 2008

BUMC: Transgenic Mice Core
The mouse core facility at Boston University School of Medicine provides centralized, expert service to produce successfully transgenic as well as knock out mice for investigators at Boston University and as an outside service.

Background and Legal Issues Related to Stem Cell Research
Recent legislative, administrative and judicial actions concerning stem cell research. June 12, 2002

Backgrounder—Stem Cell Research
Backgrounder—Stem Cell Research

Baylor College of Medicine: Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Core
Generate genetically engineered mice for researchers across the United States.

BeFutur Biotechnologies
Company conducts research using autologous human cells in a serum free medium to treat incurable diseases. The results propose possible new treatments for regeneration of diseased tissues. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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