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Specialist distributor of immunological reagents in the UK. Products include antibodies, flow cytometry reagents allergens, buffers, kits and proteins.

A. E. Fleming Company
Distributor of industrial raw materials including pigments, resins and filler materials, specializing in service to the coatings, adhesive, rubber and plastics industry.

AABB Accredited Cord Blood Facilities
Provides a list of accredited cord blood storage banks around the world.

ACE Industries
India. Manufacturers line of centrifuges and calcium chloride. Top and bottom discharge and instant cake lifting machines available. Site incorporates related technical information.

ACI Medical, LLC
Bio-medical engineering firm engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of therapeutic products and technologies for individuals with impairing vascular conditions.

ACM Instruments
Manufacturers of corrosion monitoring instrumentation, including potentiostat, galvanostat, ZRA, EIS and LPR meters.

AIM Recorders
Digital temperature data loggers with integrated memory. Windows data loggers.

AJA International Inc.
Manufactures thin film technology sputtering. Also produces microwave power supplies, substrate heaters, sputtering systems and targets, ion sources, and RF/DC power supplies.

Autocollimators for precision angle measurement, and machine vision technology components in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

AKS Labs
Designs and manufacturers explosion proof data recorders.

AKos Consulting and Solutions GmbH
Consulting in the areas of drug development, drug target screening and candidate selection.

The ALS Therapy Development Institute is a nonprofit biotechnology company discovering treatments for patients alive today. Our approach combines the power of a nonprofit mission with the best practices of a for-profit biotechnology company: rigorous, open-minded research and proven drug development techniques.

AM Chemicals, LLC
Supplier of solid supports and reagents for oligonucleotide and organic synthesis, custom radiolabeling of synthetic oligonucleotides, and custom synthesis in nucleoside, nucleotide, and oligonucleotide chemistry.

AMASS Data Technologies Inc
Environmental data acquisition modules.

AMEL Instruments
Instrumentation for electrochemistry, analysis, measurement and control, based in Milano, Italy.

AMITA Databases
Front-line and back-end bio-database development services for bioinformatics projects: design and maintenance of public sequence repositories, commercial data mining applications of molecular biology databases, automated data mirroring, database conversion.

AML Industries Inc.
Specializes in manufacture of solid and perforate basket centrifuges and separators. Site provides detailed explanation of processes, products, and applications.

AMMT sells all-in-one solutions for MEMS fabrication by electrochemical etch-stop and porous silicon formation.

AMZ Ltd.
Distributor of chemical products in Bulgarian market.

APEX International Clinical Research Co., Ltd. CRO
An Asia-Pacific based, ICH-GCP compliant CRO offering a complete range of Clinical Research and New Drug Development Services.

APS Dynamics, Inc.
ELECTRO-SEIS Long Stroke Shakers for structural and modal testing and low frequency calibration, with DUAL-MODE Voltage-Current Amplifiers and Portable Shaker-Amplifiers.

AR Brown Co., Ltd.
Industrial and speciality chemical supplier in Japan.

ARIUS Research Inc
ARIUS Research Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel anticancer monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) focused on destroying cancer cells

ASA Environmental Products
Specializes in minimizing environmental liability and exposure. Products include spill response, drain systems, industrial cleaning, microbial and products, and imbiber beads.

ATCC: The Global Bioresource Center
is a global nonprofit bioresource center that provides biological products, technical services, and educational programs to private industry, government, and academic organizations around the world. Our mission is to acquire, authenticate, preserve, develop, and distribute biological materials, information, technology, intellectual property, and standards for the advancement, validation, and application of scientific knowledge.

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