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A Field Guide to the Philosophy of Mind
Survey articles on key issues in the field, and an annotated bibliography.

A Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory
[Very basic data, detailed write-ups] The Chemical Science and Technology division's Periodic Table describes the history, properties, resources, uses, isotopes, forms, costs, and other information for each element.

A Science Bibliography
Stanford University collection of scientific resources and publications.

A. I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences
Activities in this institute focus on the development of gene and protein-based approaches for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and malignant glioma.

ACeKit - A C. elegans Survival Kit
Introduction to Caenorhabditis elegans, including value to biology, biotechnology, medicine; and links to major bioinformatics resources and search engines.

ASAPWeb - Australian Science Archives Project Home Page
Home page of the Australian Science Archives Project, with links to archival and history of Australian science, technology and medicine resources.

Able Medical Physics
Resource for medical physicist include standards of practice, regulatory guidance, and educational opportunities. Patient resource include practical information concerning radiation therapy and diagnostic radiology studies.

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog
Collection of information collected from the internet that relates to agricultural biodiversity of crops, animals, wild relatives.

Agricultural Biodiversity for Food Sovereignty and Food Security
UK Agricultural Biodiversity Coalition UKabc website. Comprehensive coverage of many issues concerning agricultural biodiversity's sustainable and equitable use, conservation, development, intellectual property, genetic engineering and governance. CSO resource on the International Seed Treaty IT PGRFA.

Agricultural Biodiversity under the Convention on Biological Diversity CBD
Background, links and documentation on Agricultural Biodiversity with links to relevant CBD Decisions III/11, IV/6, V/5, VI/5 + VI/6 on the International Seed Treaty, VII/3, VIII/23, IX/1, X/34.

Agricultural Biodiversity under the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO
genetic, species and ecosystems: programmes, plans, treaties, conventions.

Alan Barbour's Forensic Toxicology Page
Guide to experts, laboratories, and forensic toxicology links.

Alberta Gene Therapy Group
A network of researchers looking to foster collaboration in several therapeutic fields.

All Techno Blog
Blog reviewing technology in the form of gadgets, computers and cool tech.

Welcome to This site has been created by the Apex team, with the intention of educating the public further in the fields of high altitude medicine and physiology.

Amberg Laboratory Protocols:
Laboratory protocols for PCR work used by the group of David Amberg at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, New York.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Policy Brief: Human Cloning
A summary of the human cloning issue, and a collection of links to useful web resources, including information from the media, and groups on all sides of the debate.

American Scientist Online - Newborn Screening for Metabolic Diseases
An archive of articles covering original scientific research into astronomy, medical science, anthropology, ecology, technology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, behavioral science, molecular biology and zoology.

Americans to Ban Cloning
Group of Americans promoting a global, comprehensive ban on human cloning.

An atheist philosophy beyond the "bright" attitude
The naturalism of the Bright Movement is present in Real Dualism, but even an anthropologic analysis that get over the traditional materialism

Applied Physics Services
Provides medical physics services including acceptance testing, accreditation, calibration, radiation safety, research and development and training services.

Argumentation Map: Do Computers Have to be Conscious to Think?
Argumentation maps propose to map the detailed structure of major philosophical debates in graphical form. Portions of the map of the "Can Computers Think?" debate are now available online.

Arts and Minds
Contains theory and essays by Mayer Spivack. Primarily emphasizes human cognition, animal cognition, associative reasoning syncretic reasoning, creativity, learning and learning disability.

Attotron Biosensor Corporation
Research and development company for development of biosensors and related products for the research and educational markets.

Australian Venom Research Unit AVRU - University of Melbourne
Aims to provide expertise on Australia's venomous creatures, their toxins, and the care of the envenomed patient.

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