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6th International Summer School "Biocomplexity from System to Gene"
Summaries and reports from a summer school in Istambul, Turkey.

ARCpoint Labs
Provides drug testing, paternity testing, DNA testing and wellness testing.

ASReml Cookbook
Statistical software designed for fitting mixed models for large datasets. Contains commented code for univariate and multivariate analysis including longitudinal and spatial analysis.

Action Aid Food Rights: TRIPs review
Resources related to Action Aid's campaign on genetic resources with links to papers on IPRs, TRIPs, GM crops, agricultural trade and corporate control.

Advaita Bioinformatics
Developer of gene pathway analysis software for analysis of genes, ontology, pathways, miRNAs, diseases, SNPs, and drugs. Provide information about iPathway software technology.

Agriculture Business Research Institute
ABRI provides recording systems for all species of commercial livestock. Software offered include Dairy Express, Saltbush and Breedplan.

Agrifood Awareness Australia
Industry initiative, established to increase public awareness of, and encourage informed debate about, gene technology.

Algorithms based on CA Rule110 - Tiles
Papers and other documents by Abdiel Caceres Gonzalez related with computability in normal evolutions of cellular automata, in particular with evolution rule 110, some studies about entropy and tiling with software for mac os X.

Alternative Mechanisms to Enhance Corporate Monopoly and BioSerfdom in the 21st
ETC Group Communiqué on the uncertainties surrounding intellectual property rights, which, being increasingly unacceptable to industry, is why new tools for monopoly control of biological and other resources are being developed. January 01, 2001

Anatomy of a Comparative Gene Expression Study
Clear explanation of the process of comparing the gene expression in two cell populations or tissue samples by fluorescent microarray technique.

Anglia DNA Services
Offers express DNA testing for paternity, maternity, sibling and family relationships. Based in UK. Offers court-directed tests for legal purposes.

Ant for DOS 1.1
An open source implementation of Langton's ant in Q-Basic. Supports older monitors; by Robin Upton.

BRT Laboratories, Inc.
DNA testing for the determination of paternity, immigration, relationship, and siblings. CLIA Registered forensic, p53-mutational, clinical donor confirmation and drug testing. Also semen analysis using PSA. Claims to have collection centers in several countries and States besides Baltimore, MD.

Big Bench Software
Commercial software for the management of transgenic mouse colonies. Windows and Mac OS X. Demo version available.

Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids
Lecture notes on nucleic acid structure, DNA replication and repair, the genetic code and translation, as well as cancer genes, from Oregon State University, USA 2003.

Biotechnology and Development Monitor now closed
Various archived articles from Biotechnology and Development Monitor concerning aspects of IPRs, seed systems and biotechnology. The website is currently not active 2014.

Blogging Biodiversity
A useful personal weblog on international negotiations on biodiversity issues.

Blogging Biodiversity
A useful personal weblog on international negotiations on biodiversity issues.

A generic and extensible cellular automaton simulation engine written in Python.

An application for simulating complex systems; by André Homeyer. Requires Java.

Capow98 - Cellular Automata and Electric Power
A Windows application that can simulate and analyze various one-dimensional and two-dimensional cellular automata, part of the Cellular Automata and Electric Power project lead by Dr. Rudy Rucker.

Providing court approved and accredited DNA testing services. Including paternity testing, maternity testing and complex DNA relationship testing for immigration purposes.

Cellular Automata Generator
An interactive cellular automata generator with C++ source code available for downloading; by Kevin McDermott.

Cellular Automata Laboratory
An extendable DOS/Windows application for exploring cellular automata, accompanied by a thorough user guide; by Rudy Rucker and John Walker.

Cellular Automata Miscellanea
A repository with cellular automata related papers, lectures and software concentrating on Rule 110 by Harold V. McIntosh.

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