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7*M Research Group at Arizona State University
This diverse research group's interests center on meteorites, mercury geochemistry, microprobe analysis, mineralogy and other associated fields. Includes details of current projects, publications, facilities and personnel.

AACC - American Association for Clinical Chemistry
AACC is an international scientific/medical society of clinical laboratory professionals, physicians, research scientists and other individuals involved with clinical chemistry and other clinical laboratory science-related disciplines.

Development and commercialisation of bioproducts including 1,3-beta-D-glucan, mannoprotein, CM glucan and mycotoxin binder. Includes competencies and profile of company in Schlieren, Switzerland.

ACS Organic Division
The Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. Provides important information and announcements on the divisions activities and member benefits.

Welcome to the AIChEWeb - the on-line home of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

ARS Culture Collection - NRRL Collection
Agricultural Research Service Culture Collection
Microbial Genomics and Bioprocessing Research Unit

Ab initio Investigation of Water Clusters
A site related to the ab initio investigations of water clusters H2On, n=2-20, to study Structure and Stability. The research publication abstract and structures of lowest energy conformers are also available.

Abell Group
Research interests cover pantothenate biosynthesis and chemistry and enzymology of the shikimate pathway. Includes research profile, group members publications list and contact details. - Organic Chemistry
Information about the chemistry of carbon and life. Features lectures, notes, structures, and labs.

Academy of Alchemy Chemistry
Self-paced and self-learning distance chemistry education. There is a cost for a 'hypertextbook' and a different cost for online tutoring, if requested.

Ace Organic
Provides live, online organic chemistry help and review seminars prior to the student's final exam. Also provides books, videos and other educational material.

Activities , Games and Quizzes in Chemistry
Learn facts about the periodic table through quiz activities and games. Identify the chemical symbol given the element name, and the element name given the chemical symbol.

Acumentrics Corporation
Describe their tubular solid oxide fuel cell systems that integrate fuel reforming with power generation.

Adaptive Materials Inc.
Develops and manufactures fuel cell solutions for portable and remote power applications, for power ranges from 20 to 250 watts of continuous power with peak power above 4kW. Products are powered by propane or butane rather than hydrogen.

Adronov Group
Research interests include the synthesis of novel polymer architectures, functionalization of carbon nanotubes and supramolecular polymer chemistry. Includes research interests, a publications list, group news, group members and contact information and a links page.

Advanced Chemistry Development Homepage
Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. provides a wide set of desktop and on-line software for chemists and educators: NMR, IR, UV, Mass Spectroscopy, Drawing and Modelling, Chromatography, Naming, Physico-Chemical Properties Calculation, comprehensive databases and predictions.

Aerosols and Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Atmosphere AIDA
Atmospheric Aerosol Research Department, Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research IMK, Research Centre Karlsruhe.

Alarming Oxygen Depletion Caused by Hydrogen Combustion and Fuel Cells
Hydrogen combustion implies the permanent removal from our atmosphere of directly usable oxygen, a serious environmental problem called oxygen depletion, since the combustion turns oxygen into water whose separation to restore the original oxygen is prohibitive due to cost. Abstract.

All about Electrochemistry
A comprehensive, in-depth tutorial for college-level General Chemistry, intended to supplement or replace standard textbook treatments.

American Peptide Co. Inc.
Solid or solution phase synthesis and purification of custom peptide, building blocks peptides for research and clinical practices or GMP. Alphabetical catalogue of peptides and synthesis reagents from Sunnyvale, California.

Aminophosphonic Acids and Related Compounds
Provides a database of these compounds.

Analytical Chemistry
Lecture notes from a course at the University of Akron, Ohio.

Ananikov Research Group
Physical and organic chemistry group with research interests broadly divided into catalysis and organic synthesis, theoretical calculations and development of experimental techniques in NMR. Includes a research overview, a list of publications and a list of group members.

The science of water and how it gets turned into pseudoscience by promoters of dubious treatment schemes.

Arkat Foundation
Free ARKIVOC online journal and online education in chemistry.

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