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AKT Eprints Archive
Electronic archive of the Advanced Knowledge Technology Project. Downloadable papers in knowledge management.

AMED- Allied and Complementary Medicine Database
AMED is a unique bibliographic database produced by the Health Care Information Service of the British Library. It covers a selection of journals in three separate subject areas

ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
Search the headwords or full text of Roget's Thesaurus, 1911, version 1.02 (supplemented: July 1991) released to the public domain by MICRA, Inc. and the Gutenberg Project. Internal cross references are represented as clickable hyper-text links.

Journal of Humanitarian Assistanc

Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives
Official repository of the Johns Hopkins medical institutions in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Includes a guide to selected holdings and an online catalog. - Knowledge for Better Health
Free online medical encyclopedia translates medical knowledge into straightforward medical answers for the consumer, based on The Medical Disability Advisor reference by Presley Reed, MD.
An Open Archives Initiative OAI compliant archive of electronic preprints in physics, mathematics, computer science, and non-linear sciences. Created by Paul Ginsparg in 1991, it is one of the oldest archives of free online scholarship.

French digital archive providing free access to full-text papers in the domain of information and communication science [bilingual site in English/French].

Archivio E-Print
Institutional archive hosted by the library services of the University of Florence. Contains teaching and research documents.

Argentina Report Culture People Places Markets Journals
Argentina Plans Projects News Trade Statistics Articles Cities

Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division Library
Provides information about the Library's collection, services, and policies. Located in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Australian Museum Research Library
Vertebrate and invertebrate zoology and taxonomy, anthropology, earth and environmental sciences, materials science and museology.

Bergen Open Research Archive BORA
Digital repository of a research institutions in Norway. Includes full-text peer-reviewed journal reprints, theses, dissertations and other academic research materials. [English, Norwegian]

Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives and Museum
Archives of the London institution founded in 1247 as a priory, but which has been for most of its history a hospital for people with mental illness.

British Homeopathic Library
The British Homeopathic Library (at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital) is a library and information service dedicated to homeopathic medicine.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Research Library
Offers various electronic resources related to the Department of Energy's research in pure sciences, including full-text publications.

CCSD: Hyper Article Online
An interface for submitting scientific papers to the article database of the French Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe. Papers in mathematics, physics, information science are instantly and automatically directed to "arXiv" [bilingual site in English/French].

CCSD: Th├Ęses-en-Ligne
Eprint repository of French theses in various scientific domains [French/English].

CERN Document Server: Articles and Preprints
Collection aiming to cover the published and pre-published literature in particle physics and its related technologies. The collection includes over 900,000 documents, many of which have full-text access.

California Academy of Sciences Library
Subject strengths include: systematics and taxonomy, evolutionary biology, biodiversity, biogeography, local and regional natural sciences and natural history.

Caltech Computer Science Technical Reports
Electronic archive of freely downloadable full-text technical reports in PDF format.

Caltech Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory
Archive of freely downloadable technical reports from several labs in the domain of earth sciences at CalTech.

Caltech Library System Papers and Publications
Eprint repository of academic papers in the field of library and information science.

Carnegie Mellon Engineering and Science Library
Variety of subject guides, mainly in the applied sciences and engineering, and links to related collections in other Pittsburgh libraries.

Center For Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies COAPS Library, Florida State Uni
Aims to provide an effective and properly managed information resource for the teaching, learning and research needs of all members of the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies and thereafter the wider community

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