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AABB Immigration Parentage DNA Testing
Provides AABB parentage tests required by the USCIS and INS for immigration purposes.

Advanced DNA Technology
Provides DNA paternity testing services.

American Medical Services
Offers four choices for DNA paternity testing.

Beta Genetics
Offers paternity testing in the privacy of your home.

Boston Paternity
Provides DNA testing services such as paternity testing, immigration DNA testing, and forensic DNA testing. All testing is completed by an AABB accredited lab.

Semen detection test kit to monitor your spouse's sexual activity.

Colorado DNA Service
Accurate DNA testing from Colorado DNA Service. Specializing in paternity, family, relationship, and forensics testing.

Commonwealth Biotechnologies DNA Paternity Testing
Genetic testing services. Expert witness available.

DNA Diagnostics Center
Specialists in DNA paternity testing in different areas including for immigration, child custody, forensics, and human genetics. Available worldwide.

DNA Diagnostics Centre
Private DNA paternity testing laboratory which provides legal DNA testing for immigration, adoption, child custody, and family relationship cases.

DNA Dimensions
DNA testing laboratory specializing in paternity.

DNA Identifiers
Specializes in mobile, high quality AABB confidential and private DNA paternity, maternity, sibling, and other family relationship tests.

DNA Paternity Testing Center
Providing DNA paternity testing services.

DNA Services of America
Provides DNA testing services for paternity, immigration, and to determine biological relationship.

DNA Solutions
DNA Paternity testing, and other DNA testing for persons world-wide, based in the UK.

DNA Testing Centre, Inc.
Includes information on shipping, testing, state requirements, statistics, and more.

DNA Testing Solutions
Offers confidential AABB-accredited DNA Paternity testing.

DNA Tests
Provides at-home DNA testing kits for determining parentage and also a testing service tailored specifically for legal purposes.
Offers discrete services to determine parentage.

E Paternity Testing
Offering consumers an at-home DNA test to assist in establishing paternity.

Easy DNA Test
Includes fully accredited DNA testing for legal purposes.

Econo DNA Testing
DNA paternity testing experts providing home collection kits to insure privacy.

Gelb, Allen G.
Paternity consultant offering DNA testing.

GeneTree DNA Testing Center
GeneTree provides AABB DNA paternity, siblingship, and y-chromosome testing services for legal and personal purposes.

Genelex Corporation
DNA testing lab provides accurate paternity testing, and the YouScript personalized prescribing system.

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