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Ancestry/Family DNA Tests Compared and Reviewed
-- Independent in-depth reviews and comparisons of the leading ancestry DNA tests including AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, Genographic and 23AndMe. Designed for family genealogists. Mobile-friendly site.Ancestry/Family DNA Tests Compared and Reviewed

Access Genetics
Offers a web enabled DNA testing system to integrate genetic testing results over the web through partner labs.

Consumer resource with information about genetics, DNA, and the inheritance of common and rare diseases.

Accurate DNA Testing
Genetic Paternity Testing Professionals provides home paternity test kits $ low cost results for peace of mind.

Advanced DNA Technology
Common questions, analytical process, and kits from a laboratory in Cincinnati Ohio.

Advancing Transfusion and Cellular Therapies Worldwide - AABB
Provides immigration parentage DNA testing services. Features procedure, FAQs, locations.

Affiliated Genetics - Woods Cross,
A highly confidential, low cost alternative to traditional paternity testing.

African Ancestry
Genetic testing service specializing in tracing maternal and paternal genetic lines to likely African countries of origin.

Alimera - Allgemeine Institut für molekulare Erbgut-Analytik by Entelechon GmbH
Die Firma führt Vaterschaftstests und andere Abstammungsanalysen durch. [D-93051 Regensburg]

American Board of Genetic Counseling
Prepares and administers examinations and accredits training programs. Offers a range of information on examinations, guidelines, and training programs.

American Medical Services
Offers four choices for DNA paternity testing.

Andergene Inc.
Offers DNA testing services to establish family relationships from Oceanside, CA.

Andrology Laboratory Services, Inc
Services include DNA identity confirmation for babies, semen freezing for cancer and prevasectomy patients and sperm analysis.

The AneuVysion Assay is an FDA cleared test for prenatal diagnosis which allows for rapid detection* of the most common abnormalities of chromosome number. The technique used in this assay is called fluorescence in situ hybridization, or FISH. Vysis Inc., 3100 Woodcreek Drive, Downers Grove,IL60515-5400

Athena Diagnostics
Athena Diagnostics is a leader in diagnostic testing for neurological diseases and offers innovative tests for Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular and developmental disorders. Athena, a division of Quest Diagnostics, is dedicated to providing neurologists and other physicians and specialists with insights that can improve patient health. Athena provides the most comprehensive test menu and intellectual property portfolio for neurological, endocrine, and renal conditions through more than 350 diagnostic tests.

Athena Diagnostics, Inc.
Laboratory offers NephroCAST, direct DNA analysis for ADPKD.

Automated DNA Comparison Software
Software company providing a solution for the identification of victims of a mass disaster or missing persons incidents.

BRT Laboratories
Genetic testing: Paternity testing, DNA forensics, chimerism monitoring, immigration, diagnostics, p53 mutation detection and analysis, gene sequencing, microsatellite instability assay development, whole blood, plasma and white cell collection for research, immune function testing

Baltimore Rh Typing Laboratory, Inc. - Baltimore
50+ years of service. Genetic testing, including DNA, for Paternity/Relationship/Sibling/Immigration/Forensic evaluation. Consulting and expert witness.

Beta Genetics DNA Testing
Beta Genetics provides in home DNA paternity testing services and sample analysis in our own AABB accredited laboratory.

Beta Paternity Testing Laboratory
paternity testing in the privacy of your own home.

BioGen-DNA Paternity Tests
Offers paternity testing by a professional forensic genetics lab in Warsaw, Poland.

BioLux GmbH
Labor für Analytik von genetisch bedingten Erkrankungen und DNA-Vaterschaftstests. [D-70563 Stuttgart]

Bode Technology Group, Inc.
Forensics and human identification, paternity testing, felon databanking and information from Springfield, VA.

Boston Paternity
Provides DNA testing services such as paternity testing, immigration DNA testing, and forensic DNA testing. All testing is completed by an AABB accredited lab.

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