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American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts
AAMH offers hypnosis training for professionals coupled with a holistic form of directed brief psychotherapy, including dream analysis, to promote cognitive shifts and mind-body-spirit healing for Axis 1 conditions such as anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessions and psychosomatic disorders.

American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists
Established in 1979, serving the community of professional hypnotherapists with information, services, professional insurance, annual convention, and a quarterly journal. Accepts international members as well.

American Hypnosis Association
A professional organization providing members with news, networking opportunities and monthly conferences. Includes membership details and calendar of events.

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis is for health and mental health care professionals using clinical hypnosis.Founded in 1957

Association of Solution Oriented Counsellors & Hypnotherapists of Australia.
ASOCHA has been established to provide a national and professional organisational structure to support and advance the practice of Solution Oriented counselling and hypnotherapy throughout Australia

Australian Hypnotherapists Association
An association for clinical hypnotherapists in Australia. Details of support for members and Continuing Education Program. Details of State Chapters, workshops and meetings. General information and articles on hypnosis and its application. Online magazine. Practitioner database. Details of free advisory line for public.

Australian National Hypnotherapy Register
The official National Hypnotherapy Register of the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists. Represents hypnotherapy associations in Australia.

Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
Association for clinical hypnotherapists and related professions in Australia but open to practitioners in other countries. Aims to promote and maintain high ethical and professional standards. Database of practitioners and details of workshops and meetings are provided. FAQs on hypnosis and articles on clinical hypnosis.

Australian Society of Hypnosis
Offers general training and education in hypnosis for health care professionals in all regions of Australia.

Canadian Union of Professional Hypnotherapists
An association for hypnotherapists in Canada. Stated aim is to increase awareness and research of the therapeutic value of hypnosis and to encourage and maintain high standards of practice. Contains membership information and related links.

Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists
An Australian national body which represents professional clinical hypnotherapists, hypnotherapy associations, training schools and organisations. Contains various articles and a register of hypnotherapists and associated organisations.

Hypnotherapy Control Board
Teaches a recognised diploma in hypnotherapy as well as providing information about hynotherapy and therapists.

Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association
The HPA is a proactive organisation which represents all ethical practicing hypnotherapists in the UK and extends the public awareness of the value of clinical hypnosis in the wider issues of healing.

International Association for Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy IADCH
Professional association for practitioners who have gained a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy.

Long Island Chapter, National Guild of Hypnotists
A directory of information and resources for Long Island residents regarding LI-NGH Hypnotists who are dedicated to professionalism in hypnotism and strict adherence to the NGH Code of Ethics.

Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis
A component of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Members share scientific and clinical interest in the ethical use, and advancement, of clinical hypnosis.

The National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH) & the International Medical Dental and Hypnotherapy Assocation (IMDHA) are the two certifiying organizations for Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists affiliated with Radiant Wellness Hypnosis Institute Ltd

National Guild of Hypnotists - South Sound Washington Chapter
Contains information about the Guild, a register of hypnotherapists within the Washington region, and general information about hypnosis.

National Hypnotherapy Society
Professional body for practitioners and trainers in the UK. Features a searchable database, membership benefits, list of courses and accreditation criteria. Members-only area includes case studies.

New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Society for healthcare professionals to learn about clinical hypnosis training, consultation, supervision, treatment, and resources.

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia
Welcome to the web site of the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia. The PCHA is a long standing professional organisation.

South Australian Society of Hypnosis
Offers representation and development in the field of hypnosis to medical doctors, psychologists and dentists that are registered to practice hypnosis in South Australia.

Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Professional association that exists to further the use of clinical hypnosis within the fields of medicine, dentistry, mental health, and nursing.

The Heart-Centered Therapies Association
The Heart-Centered Therapies Association promotes healing modalities in psychotherapy and transpersonal growth which utilize altered-states, deeply experiential approaches, the client's own spiritual connection, and an unfailing link with unconditional love.

World Hypnosis Organization WHO
Nonprofit improving and developing capabilities in the scientific, educational, and research use of hypnosis in all fields of human endeavor.

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