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American Pacific Medical Group
American Pacific Medical Group (APMG) is a leading medical service provider founded by 35 United States physicians and surgeons in 1992. APMG is engaged in the development and operation of inpatient medical facilities, freestanding high technology hospitals and treatment centers throughout China.

Beijing - Amcare Women's & Children's Hospital
Beijing Amcare Women's & Children's Hospital (AMCARE) is dedicated to provide Chinese families international standard medical services in the field of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics.

Beijing - Bayley & Jackson Medical Center
Bayley & Jackson Medical group, a Member of iKang Guobin Healthcare Group international medical clinic

Beijing - China-Japan Friendship Hospital
China-Japan Friendship Hospital is one of the largest general hospitals in Beijing, P.R.China. As being one of the largest overseas gratis programs implemented by Japanese Government, the hospital was built co-operatively by the Chinese and Japanese Governments in the early 1980s and opened in 1984.

Beijing - Dongfang Hospital
Founded in December, 1999,Dongfang Hospital is affiliated by Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dongfang Hospital is managed directly by Ministry of Health and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is state class three grade A Chinese medicine hospital

Beijing - Hong Kong International Medical Clinic
Hong Kong International Medical Clinic of Beijing was founded in June 1993. It was established as a joint venture between China Ministry of Health and its Hong Kong partner

Beijing - Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH)
Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), an institutional Faculty of Clinical Medicine affiliated to both Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), is a renowned general hospital in China with a prestigious historical background.

Beijing - Vista Clinic
Beijing Vista Clinic is a privately-owned international clinic, conveniently located in the Beijing Kerry Center, close to the World Trade Center.

Beijing An Ding Hospital
Beijing An Ding Hospital, Capital Medical University (BADH-CMU), was founded in 1914. The hospital, situated near the moat on the north of age-old De Sheng Men, is a large-scale first-rank psychiatric hospital undertaking the tasks of medical service, teaching, scientific research, prevention of mental disorders as well as international academic exchanges

Beijing Intech Eye Hospital
Beijing Intech Eye Hospital is one of leading eye hospitals located in Beijing, China. We serve international and domestic patients with the treatment and care of a wide range of eye problems from common complaints to rare complicated conditions.

CAOMS Cancer Institute and Hospital
Affiliated with Chinese Academy of Medical Science; largest cancer center in Asia with research, diagnosis, treatment, training facilities.

Capital Medical University
Provides details of its schools, affiliated hospitals, education programs and research projects. Located in Beijing.

Central Hospital of Lishui City
Central Hospital of Lishui City

China Medical University
China Medical University (in Chinese)


East Lake - Wuhan Tuberculosis Hospital
Wuhan Tuberculosis Hospital (Wuhan pulmonary hospital)was founded in 1954. It is the biggest special hospital remedying tuberculosis and pulmonary disease in mild-north zone of China. Located on the strand of East Lake

First hospital of JiLin
The Norman bethune Neurosurgery department was established by renowned neurosurgery professor Suo jingxian in 60th century(138 beds ,second department 40 beds).Present director Zhao gang

Guangdong Province - Clifford Hospital
With an investment of over RMB one billion (US$125 million), Clifford Hospital is a modern hospital complex which integrates the best of Traditional Chinese, Western and Alternative medicines.

Guangzhou Can Am International Medical Center
Guangzhou CanAm International Medical Center is the first and only Chinese government officially approved foreign joint venture medical center currently operating in Guangzhou and serving the expatiate community. It adopts international medical standards for its services and performance.

Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital
Specialized Hospital for Oncology in Guangzhou. Website contains information for cancer treatments and therapies, and cancer related health care topics

Harbin Medical University (HMU)
The First Clinical Medical College (the College) of Harbin Medical University (HMU) has ever been since the College's establishment in 1949, a large general hospital integrating clinical work, education, and scientific research.

Hong Kong - ImagingMed Diagnostic Imaging Centre
ImagingMed is a medical diagnostic imaging centre located in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. As an independent service platform, it is dedicated to servicing physicians and their patients by providing timely and reliable results using advanced technologies.

Hong Kong Central Hospital
Hong Kong Central Hospital is located in the Central District. It is a non-profit making general private hospital.

Hospital Of Kunming Medical College
The First Affilliated Hospital Of Kunming Medical College

Jinan - Shandong Provincial Hospital (SPH)
Shandong Provincial Hospital (SPH) is located in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, well-known for its natural springs. Established in 1897, SPH has developed into a large-scale general hospital, which specialized in medical treatment, medical teaching, scientific research, disease prevention, healthcare and provision of professional guidance to the sub-level hospitals and clinics based in Shandong Province

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