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Denmark - DACEHTA
DACEHTA is the Danish Center for Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment.

Fiji Ministry of Health
To provide quality health services for the people of Fiji. An integrated and decentrilised health system to foster good health and well being

Finland - KTL etusivu
The National Public Health Institute KTL concept, KTL aims at enabling a healthy life for everyone. To support decision-making, KTL is responsible as a government research body to ensure that authorities, specialists and citizens have the best achievable new knowledge in their reach.

Finnish Health
The National Agency for Medicines responsibilities are to maintain and promote the safety and safe use of medicinal products, medical devices and blood products.

Greece - PeSY - Regional HealthCare System of North Aegean Greece
GREEK MINISTRY of HEALTH and WELFARE - PeSY of NORTH AEGEAN Regional HealthCare System of North Aegean (Official WEBsite)

Iceland Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health in Iceland was established on January 1st 1970 in accordance with Act no. 73/1969. The Ministry has the responsibility for administration and policy making of health and social security issues in Iceland as perscribed by law, regulations and other directives

Icelandic Medicines Control Agency
Icelandic Medicines Control Agency

Indonesia - Ministry of Health in Indonesia
The Ministry of Health in Indonesia is part of the People's Welfare Sector, together with National Education, Housing and Regional Development, Religious Affairs, and Workforce, under the Minister Coordinator for People's Welfare/ Poverty Eradication. The House of People's Representatives is divided into 11 committees to process, scrutinize and produce draft legislation. Public health, social affairs and the Nationai Family Planning Coordinating Agency come under one of these committees.

Marshall Islands Health
The people of the Marshall Islands face considerable challenges to maintain the health of its citizens.

Mauritania Ministre de la Santé
Le Ministre de la Santé et des Affaires Sociales est entouré d'un cabinet ministériel, d'un secrétaire général des six (6) directions suivantes

Mauritius Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
Mauritius Ministry of Health and Quality of Life

Mexico Department of Health
Mexico Department of Health

Mexico Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS)
The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) is a decentralized organ of the Department of Health with technical, administrative and operational autonomy, whose mission is to protect the population against sanitary risks, through sanitary regulation, control and promotion under a single command, which provides unity and homogeneity to the policies which are determined.

Ministry of Health - Hospital Services
Contains information on Government Hospital Services in Malta Provides working hours and contact details

Ministry of Health Malta
Information about all the ministry departments and activities

New Guinea - Department of Health - Papua
Responsible for all hospitals. medical, dental, nursing, preventative health and disease control services

Norway - Helsetilsynet - Startside
Tilsynsmyndigheter for sosial- og helsetjenestene i Norge. I hvert fylke fører Fylkesmannen tilsyn med sosialtjenesten og Helsetilsynet i fylket med helsetjenesten og helsepersonell. Statens helsetilsyn er overordnet tilsynsmyndighet.

Norway Ministry of Health and Care Services
The Ministry of Health and Care Services recently published a brochure about the organization of the ministry. The brochure gives detailed information about the ministry's various internal departments and subordinate entities.

Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA)
The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA) is the national, regulatory authority for new and existing medicines and the supply chain. The agency is responsible for supervising the production, trials and marketing of medicines. It approves medicines and monitors their use, and ensures cost-efficient, effective and well-documented use of medicines. The inspectorate also supervises the supply-chain. NOMA also regulate prices and trade conditions for pharmacies.

Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Health
The Web Site of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus offers easy access to the latest news, to a wide range of health publications, legislation, statistics and subjects related to education and policy

Samoa Ministry of Health
The Samoan Ministry of Health aims to ensure that the people of Samoa have access to the best possible standards of health promotion and health services in terms of disease prevention and clinical care. The Ministry of Health operates though nine main Divisions, each responsible for a set of core functions and responsibilities

Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö
The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health aims to provide the population with a healthy environment, good health and functional capacity, and adequate income and social protection in different life situations.

Sweden - WHO Oral Health Country/Area Profile Programme
WHO Collaborating Centre, Malm� University, Sweden

WHO International Health Regulations (IHR)
With the support of WHO, the 194 States Parties to the International Health Regulations (IHR) have been implementing these global rules to enhance national, regional and global public health security.

WHO/OMS: World Health Organization
Official Web site of the World Health Organization / Site officiel de l'OMS / Organisation Mondiale de la Sant / Organizacin Mundial de la Salud

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