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"Operation Cure-all" Targets Internet Health Fraud
FTC law enforcement and consumer education campaign focuses on stopping the quacks.

14 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft
Suggestions from Frank Abagnale on reducing one's risk of identity theft.

1938 War of the Worlds Broadcast
WAV files of the famous Orson Welles narrating The Mercury Theatre On-The-Air radio broadcast of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

A Critical Look at "Natural Hygiene"
Natural hygiene, an offshoot of naturopathy, is a philosophy of health and “natural living” that opposes immunization, fluoridation, food irradiation, and most medical treatment and advocates eating a “raw food” diet of vegetables, fruits, and nuts

A Critical Look at Gary Null's Activities and Credentials
Gary Null (1945– ) is one of the nation's leading promoters of dubious treatment for serious disease. He hosts radio and television talk shows; writes books and magazine articles; delivers lectures; and markets products through his Web site

A Few Thoughts on Ayurvedic Mumbo-Jumbo
Deepak Chopra claims that "by consciously using our awareness, we can influence the way we age biologically. You can tell your body not to age. He has reportedly made millions of dollars marketing such messages along with books, lectures, tapes, and consumables based on a "modern" version of an ancient Indian healing system (ayurvedic medicine)

A Kushi Seminar for Professionals
Laying on that stainless steel table and getting these little lines drawn on me, I felt like a piece of beef. I felt like I had no control, when they were getting ready to do radiation. And the chemo. I went . . . to see the oncologist, and seeing the other people in the waiting room,

A Special Message to Cancer Patients Seeking "Alternative" Treatments
Don't let desperation lead you to try things just because someone advises you to do so. Read the information on this web site thoroughly. We strongly recommend that you avoid any "alternative" cancer treatment discussed on Quackwatch

A Trip to Stonesville: Some Notes on Andrew Weil
Andrew Weil, M.D., is variously described on the covers of his best-selling books as "the guru of alternative medicine," "one of the most skilled, articulate, and important leaders in the field of health and healing," "a pioneer in the medicine of the future," and "an extraordinary phenomenon.

AIDS-Related Quackery and Fraud
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a fatal disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This organism can remain in a person's body for years before symptoms appear and the individual is considered to have AIDS. The virus disrupts the functioning of the body's immune system, rendering the infected individual progressively unable to resist organisms that would normally be harmless.

AJB Benefits, LLC
Your Identity!

AMA Attacks Product Sales in Medical Offices
During the past few years, thousands of physicians have begun selling health-related multilevel products to patients in their offices. The companies most involved appear to be Amway, Body Wise, Nu Skin (Interior Design), and Rexall. Doctors are typically recruited with promises that the extra income will replace income lost to managed care. Hoax Information Center
Alphabetically organized descriptions of computer virus hoaxes, past and present. Identity Theft
Articles from several authors about identity theft related topics.

Acupuncture Watch
The Skeptical Guide to Acupuncture History, Theories, and Practices

Acute Low Back Pain
Low back pain (LBP) is a major medical problem. Worldwide, from 60 to 80% of people will have it during their lifetime and 2 to 5% will have it at any given time.

Advance Fee Fraud and Banks
Transcript of a talk on this type of fraud from a banker's perspective. [PDF]
Information and links on 419 scams; correspondence and photographs from some scambaiting projects.

Algae: False Claims and Hype
Blue-green algae (one of eleven groups of algae) are microscopic plants that grow mainly in brackish ponds and lakes throughout the world. Of the more than 1500 known species, some are useful as food, while others have been reported to cause gastroenteritis and hepatitis.

Allergies: Dubious Diagnosis and Treatment
Many dubious practitioners claim that food allergies may be responsible for virtually any symptom a person can have. In support of this claim—which is false—they administer various tests purported to identify offending foods. Claims of this type may seem credible because about 25% of people think they are allergic to foods

Alternative Cancer Treatment Registry
We strongly recommend that you avoid any "alternative" cancer treatment discussed on this web site

Alternative Engineering A Postmodern Parable
A new phenomenon is sweeping the country, gaining the attention of both consumers and manufacturers alike. Increasingly disenchanted with the cold metallic world of modern technology, people are looking closely at more natural alternatives.

Alternative Medicine: A Public Health Perspective
A Chinese proverb states that "the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names." To determine whether alternative medicine is science or snake oil, one must define it carefully. Webster's Dictionary defines "alternative" as "a choice between two or more things, only one of which may be chosen.

Alternative Medicine: Views of a Concerned Layperson
I have an interest in science and am increasingly worried by the growing prevalence of junk science and the irrationality of the "New Age movement" which, if not unchallenged, will impede scientific and technological progress. Quackwatch has become my first stop on the Internet for answers to my medical questions.

American Association of Nutritional Consultants
The American Association of Nutritional Consultants:
Who and What Does It Represent?

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