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AAKF Great Lakes
The American Amateur Karate Federation. Sensei details, news, events and dojo photographs.

ACA Sports Council
As a professional, non-profit organization with a membership of active chiropractors, the ACA Sports Council's main purpose is to provide service in the prevention, management and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal injuries. ACA Sports Council members are chiropractors and allied health professionals who demonstrate scientific leadership, involvement and dedication in the daily practice of sports chiropractic in their offices and on the field. The unifying interest of the membership is their concern with the effects of exercise the use of chiropractic services to enhance athletic performance and promote physical fitness. Sports Council members work with athletes of all levels, from novice to elite, and with sports teams and events from minor youth leagues all the way to the Olympics.

Action International Martial Arts Association
Martial arts organization founded by Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. Features products and affiliation for instructors.

Afghan International TaeKwon-Do Society
Information about the organisation, events and courses.

Afghan Taekwondo Federation
Governing body for the WTF in Afghanistan. Club information, photographs and links.

Aiki Extensions
Provides support and enhances communication among those who apply the principles of Aikido and practice in venues outside of conventional dojo settings.

Aiki Works Inc
A company which uses Aikido principles for conflict resolution, managerial development, and sports performance.

Aiki-Karate-Do Association
Describes a system blend of Shotokai and Aikido. Headquartered in Liege, Belgium. [English/French]

Aikido Association of America
International organization founded by Fumio Toyoda. Organization history, founder profile, seminar schedule, dojo directory, and newsletter.

Aikido Association of North America AANA
International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation affiliated organization for Doshinkan-style Aikido dojos. Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. Details include upcoming events, reading list, video clips, and list of member dojos.

Aikido Hawaii
Dedicated to unifying all practitioners of Aikido in Hawaii, and to the preservation of the history of Aikido in Hawaii. Provides information concerning all dojos in the state of Hawaii.

Aikido Institute of America
The Seidokan Aikido World Headquarters located in Los Angeles, CA

Aikido North East
Dojo listing, organisation details, Aikido information, gallery and contact listing.

Aikido Schools of Ueshiba
International organization based in Myakka City Fl. Instructor profiles, calendar of events, dojo listing, and media links.

Aikido Seikikai
Aikido Seikikai is headed by Minoru Kurita and has associated dojos in the Mexico, Cuba, and Washington State, US. Headquarters based in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. [English/Spanish]

Aikido Shinju-Kai
Dojos all over Singapore and officially recognized by Aikido World Headquarters in Japan. Provides club details, instructor list and history.

Aikido World Alliance
Association of dojos in the United states and Puerto Rico. Uses a system standardized testing based on the teachings of Fumio Toyoda Shihan. Chief Instructor Andy Sato Sensei. Dojo listing, seminar schedule, photo gallery, and mission statement.

Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation
Official site of the Yoshinkan foundation and global headquarters. Information on the organization, sensei and latest seminars.

Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America AYANA
AYANA is a nonprofit educational corporation established in 1991 dedicated to teaching Yoshokai Aikido and educating the general public about Aikido in particular and Japanese Budo in general. The organization is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Albany Creek Cricket Club
The Hawks are based in Pine Rivers Shire with teams from Under 9 to Under 16. Information, news and scores. Queensland

All India Budokan Karate Federation
Events, training information, gallery, guidelines and form downloads.

Amateur Bodybuilding Association
Sponsors natural bodybuilding competition. Information including list of banned substances, rules and regulations, and judging criteria.

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) is the largest organization of professionals supporting and assisting those involved in physical education, leisure, fitness, dance, health promotion, and education and all specialties related to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

American Amateur Karate Federation
Includes history, news, events, and regional contact information

American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation ADFPF
Rules, regulations, meet competitions, and records for the ADFPF

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