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Learn which FDA-approved supplements can help you lose weight by stimulating your metabolism and increasing tone/definition in your

Health Today
Health Today features daily articles on all things related to health. It features fun interesting health topics that range from nutrition to communication. Health Today

Ncourages Fitness and Dieting
Resource for people wanting to lose weight and improve their exercise routine through gym or home workouts and dieting.Ncourages Fitness and Dieting

A healthy weight for a healthy back
Experts agree that the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight level is through a balanced diet, good nutrition and exercise. For patients with various back problems, regular exercise combined with weight loss (when necessary) can not only reduce existing back pain, but can also help prevent certain types of back problems in the future.

A to Z
A-Z Fitness Links on the WEB contains more then 800 verified links to fitness & bodybuilding sites,new training and nutrition articles updated weekly.A free bulletin board monitored by six certified personal trainers to answer any questions. Our weekly newsletter contains lots of healthful information including a new training article each week. Daily Fitpics, Fittips, Recipes and weekly online video demo ... Its a great jumpsite if your into bodybuilding and Fitness

AOL Salud - En Forma
Artículos sobre nutrición y planificación de actividades físicas para estar en forma.

Get tips on abdominal training! Learn the secret to permanent fat loss! The #1 website for abdominal training tips!

Ejercicios de fortalecimiento, anatomía, biomecánica, videos y fotografías. Sports Medicine
A listing of articles and reference material about sports medicine, performance enhancement, injury prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Active Living By Design
Active Living by Design is a national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is a part of the UNC School of Public Health in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This program establishes innovative approaches to increase physical activity through community design, public policies and communications strategies.

Active Wellness and Fitness
Dedicated to providing health and fitness resources, tips, and tools to the residents of Massachusetts and beyond.
Features a beginner's guide to Yoga and Pilates.

Adam's Natural Bodybuilding Site
Dedicated to the pursuit of the true natural bodybuilding lifestyle, and gaining quality muscle mass without steroids, growth hormone, or other drugs.

Adult Fitness Test - The President's Challenge
Take an adult version of the President's Challenge fitness test. The test involves aerobic fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. Enter your scores online and compare yourself to other Americans.

Advantage Athletics
Exercises for weightlifting, running, sprinting, throwing and jumping to develop form, technique, flexibility, speed, strength and power complete with sequence pictures. Pictures of pole vault, javelin, high jump, shot put, discus, weight throw, hurdles, long and triple jumps, sprinting and hurldes.

Advice and Help
Articles on fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition.

Affirmative Fitness
Affirmative Fitness is your source for exercise equipment and trainer referals.

All Spirit Fitness
All Spirit Fitness promotes a fit body, mind and soul with its articles, reviews and tips on exercise, yoga, meditation and holistic health.

Allsport Medical
Provides first aid, rehabilitation, injury prevention, fitness and training products to sports professionals, leisure organisations and sports therapists.

Am Bauch abnehmen
Ein kurzes Workout zeigt, wie man die Bauchmuskeln trainiert und wie man zusätzlich durch Ausdauertraining den Köperfettanteil los wird.

American Board of Sport Psychology
Certification programs in Sport Psychology for Psychologists, Master's level practitioners and coaches. Features the Journal of the American Board of Sport Psychology and advocacy regarding the ethical practice of Sport Psychology.

Anabolic Steroid World
Everything you ever wanted to know about anabolic steroids.
Fitness and Bodybuilding information.

Apex 2. A unique medical research expedition, combining cutting edge research with the stunning high altitude environment and the energy of youth

Aroundflag is completely tutorial based website health and fitness.

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