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AssessmentDay Ltd
Provides a collection of numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning practice tests to help job seekers prepare for employer assessments.

Astrit Technologies
Offers online skills assessments for companies to screen prospective employees and provides various technical and soft skills training programs.

Offers an automated employee performance management and human resource software solutions that enable enterprises to track performance of their employees.

Caliper Talent Management
Offers hiring assessments and software plus talent and leadership development..

Chally Group
Providing client-specific, employment selection products for the testing of critical skills that predict on-the-job success.

Chrisa Financial Planning Sdn Bhd
Provides behavioral assessments and technical skills tests to assist in the selection, recruitment, and development of employees.

Cut-e Assessment Solutions
Designs and implements online tests and questionnaires for use in recruitment, selection and development of personnel.

Disc Personality Test
Disc Personality Test

HR Performance Solutions
Performance Pro is a comprehensive online performance management system that administers, tracks, manages, and measures employee performance.

Human Resource Profiling
HR Profiles Ltd specialises in the use of Hogan psychometrics for behavioural profiling of individuals, for the purpose of human resource planning, selection, development and performance coaching

Iridium Consulting
Provides experienced assessment and development consultants. Services include; assessment centres, development centres, team building, executive coaching and NLP for business.

Provides aptitude and psychometric tests for employers. Practice tests are available for psychometric test preparation for job applicants.

JvR Psychometrics
Providers of psychological tests for a wide range of organisational, educational, clinical and neuropsychological applications in Africa.

Liam Healy and Associates
UK based occupational psychologists specialising in psychometrics, selection and development, assessment and development centres, psychometric test software publishing, and personal development/career counselling.

Marcourt Communications
Offers employment assessment solutions that help organizations select the right people and develop them for the right job.

Mercer LLC: Talent Assesment
A human resource consulting firm offering online knowledge testing solutions, internet 360 degree surveys, employee skill evaluation, and job-fit assessments.

NagelMiller Associates, Inc
Provides human resource professionals and hiring managers to ensure you have the right people in the right position.

OPP Limited
An international business psychology consultancy. Profile, services and product range.

Oxford Psychometrics
A small team of independent Chartered Psychologists offering work-related business solutions to clients, both large and small.

Pairin, Inc.
A human resource solutions company that aims to pair the right people to the right jobs with predictable results.

Provides online psychometric testing for recruitment and development purposes.

Designs, develops and markets behavioural skills assessment solutions for HR professionals.

Psigma Corp
Somos una empresa líder en Talento Humano con 17 años de experiencia en el mercado y presencia en 11 países en pruebas psicológicas y de desarrollo organizacional.

Psychological Solutions
Company offering a range of services including psychological assessment and HR consultancy.

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