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ADHD Solution
A book providing educators with simple, effective techniques to better manage students with ADD/ADHD.

ASD Project: Accommodating Students with Disabilities
Creates materials for college disability services offices to train their faculty regarding students with disabilities and the accommodation process.

Provides assessment and training service in Higher Education for disabled students. Contains staff photographs and links.

Academic Therapy Publications
Publishes tests and assessment materials, parent/teacher resources, and visual-perceptual aids for all professionals working with students with special needs.

Add-Venture in Learning
A membership organisation providing access to courses for people with disabilities via Bristol University. Includes membership details, course information and images.

Adelphi University: Learning Disabilities Program
Information on Adelphi University's disability services.

All Means All School to Work Project
Information, resources, and strategies to ensure access to and choice by all learners within their local school-to-work system.

Association on Higher Education and Disability AHEAD
An international, multicultural organization of professionals committed to full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities.

Beyond Play LLC
Selling early intervention products for children birth to five with special needs.

Bluegrass Community College: Disability Support Services
Provides a full range of services to more than 500 students each year who have disabilities. Includes details of financial aid, attendant care and social events.

Boston University Office of Disability Services
Boston University takes great pride in the academic and personal achievements of its many students and alumni with disabilities. The University is committed to providing equal and integrated access for individuals with disabilities to all the academic, social, cultural, and recreational programs it offers.

Centre for Students with Disabilities
Centennial College offers a full range of services to assist students and potential students with disabilities and enable them to enroll in our full-time and part-time diploma and certificate programs. These programs include distance, online learning and options for international students offered at the college.

Child Development Media
A collection of research-based child development videos, books, and curricula for professional development, student training, and parent education.

College Planning for Students on the Autism Spectrum
Strategies for students with high functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome to prepare for college: motivation to work on needed courses, using strengths to compensate for weaknesses, and preparing for standardized tests. Strategies for succeeding once in college.

College and Special Education
[] Reviewed links to resources for special needs college students.

College of Marin Disabled Students Programs and Services
Links to program information and class schedules. [Marin, California, USA]

College of the Desert: Disabled Students Programs and Services
Provides a description of services, programs and degrees and information about financial aid. [Palm Desert, California, USA]
Providing assistance in placing your learning disabled child in the right college where they can succeed in higher education.

Department of Special Education at San Francisco State University
The Department of Special Education at San Francisco State University offers master's degrees, teaching and clinical rehabilitative credentials in Special Education and Communicative Disorders. It has pioneered many of the programs and services for individuals with disabilities.

Disability Services Washington State Colleges
Contact information for disabled student services coordinators.

Disability Services at Various Colleges and Universities
Links to college disability services pages.

Disability Studies Program at The Ohio State University
An educational program that engages the nature, meaning, and consequences of disability from political and cultural perspectives. Course and department details plus the resources offered.

Disability Studies University of Missouri
Complete listing of services available at the university with students information and registration details.

Disability Toolkit
Please enter the Web Portal to see infomation on subjects such as types of disabilities, accessibility, myths about disability, and living with a disability.

Disability-Friendly Colleges
New Mobility Interactive Cafe contains lots of good information for people with disabilities, including this review by Rachel Ross of the top 10 disability friendly colleges and universities in the US.

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