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A Blended Cup Liquid Diet
This diet is for persons who are unable to chew and need food that is liquid in consistency. It contains sections on incorporating the basic food groups in blended form; increasing calories and protein in the diet; blending and storage of food; plus several recipes and a sample menu.

American Dietetic Association - ADA
The American Dietetic Association (ADA), founded in 1917 as the professional society for dietitians, promotes the science of dietetics and nutrition, and public and professional education in these areas. ADA activities and services include continuin

B&L MedienGesellschaft
und Verbraucherzeitschriften sowie Onlineportale rund um die Ernährung vor.

Basic Blenderized Recipes
Contains recipes to prepare blenderized foods. Basic blenderizing methods are discussed in addition to flavoring ideas. It includes sections on hot and cold beverages, soups, meats, casseroles, vegetables, and fruits.

Better Beginnings Better Futures: Reports and Publications
Members of the Better Beginnings, Better Futures RCU have produced a number of reports and published articles.

Online-Magazin für Ernährung, Gesundheit und Ökologie mit Fachartikeln, Informationen, Rezepten sowie Buchtipps.

Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research Articles at HighBeam Research
This peer-reviewed journal publishes reports and research on dietetic practice

Children with Special Health Care Needs: Nutrition Care Handbook
The nutrition issues of children with special health care needs and developmental disabilities are the focus of this new handbook. A project of PNPG and Dietetics in Developmental and Psychiatric Disorders (DDPD) practice groups, this handbook is a revision of an earlier publication, Children with Special Health Care Needs: A Community Nutrition Pocket Guide. It is designed to be a practical resource for practitioners that may see a small number of children with special health care needs in their practice setting.

Constant Carbohydrate Diet
Contains information on a diabetic diet that maintains a consistent intake of carbohydrates from day to day. The diet is also low in cholesterol and fat. In addition to food groups, the booklet includes sections on general nutrition; dietary alterations; fiber; sugar and sweeteners; insulin reactions; exercise; nutrition labeling; use of recipes; eating extra food; sick days; and hints for school lunches.

Das Große Leben
Die vierteljährlich erscheinende Zeitschrift, die sich mit Makrobiotik und Gesundheitsthemen befasst, wird auszugsweise vorgestellt, Informationen zum Thema werden geboten.

Department of Health - Publications
Elderly inpatients benefit from eating in dining room

Dept. of Food and Nutrition - Faculty - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
The Department of Food and Nutrition, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Join us as we take human nutrition into the twenty-first century!

Diet, Lipoproteins and Cardiovascular Risk
The purpose of this study was to determine if people with heart disease could adhere to a home-delivered heart healthy diet and lifestyle modification program and could they lower heart disease risk factors including body weight and blood cholesterol.

Dietary Fiber
Fiber-rich foods help with constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticular disease. Some types of fiber may have a cholesterol-lowering effect that could help reduce risk of heart disease. In addition, fiber may reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer, particularly those associated with the digestive tract, and may help control diabetes. Recent studies also suggest that eating the recommended amount of dietary fiber aids in weight management and helps prevent obesity, especially in women.

Dietetics Today
Dietetics Today is the monthly magazine for members of the BDA. It carries news and features about nutrition and dietetics, professional development, book reviews, courses and events and news about the association, its services, groups and branches, people and campaigns.

Dietetics and dietitians
Dietitians and dietetics on the Internet: the Arbor Nutrition Guide is the world's largest catalogue of nutrition resources on the Internet.

New Hampshire Employment Security's Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau and like units in state employment security agencies nationwide gather data on employment and wages in their states from employers covered by unemployment compensation.

Dysphagia and Nutritional Management
This guide for persons with swallowing disorders contains sections on normal swallowing; safe swallowing techniques; food consistency and fluids; and food thickeners.

Beschäftigt sich mit wissenschaftlichen Aspekten der Ernährung. Es finden sich Artikel, Beiträge und Vorstellungen aktueller Studien aus dem Ernährungsbereich, geschrieben in verständlicher Form aus ärztlicher Hand.

EpiCH - Project EAT
The Division of Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota has been involved for 60 years in research and education on the distribution, causes and prevention of major diseases.

Ernährung und Gesundheit
und Rezepttipps.

Das Magazin stellt aktuelle Nachrichten aus der Politik, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft zum Thema Ernährung zur Verfügung.

Face Up to Five Food Fallacies
Whether you're chatting with a friend or a watching a persuasive infomercial on television, it's easy to be taken in by food fallacies. And why not? Who doesn't want to believe that a food will give you lasting energy or that a yummy-tasting beverage is slimming?

Feather Picking and Self-Mutilation in Companion Birds
Defines this destructive behavior, causes, contributing factors, and recommendations.

Feather Plucking In Parrots
Discusses some common causes such as malnutrition, psychological stress, parasites, and internal organ disease in relation to this behavioral problem in birds.

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