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Academy of Osseointegration - AO - Implant Dentistry
professional association for implant dentistry

Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity
Alpha Omega is the oldest international dental organization and was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1907 by a group of dental students originally to fight discrimination in dental schools. Today, with our headquarters relocated to Rockville, MD, it is primarily an educational and philanthropic organization.

American Orthodontic Society
The American Orthodontic Society (AOS) is a professional association for general and pediatric dentists who choose to add orthodontic skills to their practice.

American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists
The American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists recognizes that most, but not all dental procedural pain can be managed with local anesthesia. We applaud the increased use of minimal and moderate sedation for common dental procedures provided by properly trained dentists who practice in accordance with the American Dental Association Guidelines for Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia by Dentists.

American Student Dental Association
As the unified voice for students pursuing a career in dentistry, ASDA protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students across the nation. Through events such as our Annual Session, National Student Lobby Day, National Leadership Conference, and various local chapter activities, we hope to develop exemplary leaders within our communities and inspire member advocacy.

California Society of Periodontists
California Society of Periodontists' mission is to advocate, enhance and promote excellence in the practice of periodontics in California by serving its members and assisting them in their responsibilities to the public.

Committee on Dental Auxiliaries
A web site for the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Committee on Dental Auxiliaries

Dental Protection Limited
Dental Defence Organisations - Dental health professionals can apply to become dental members of MPS, served by Dental Protection, with access to all the benefits of membership which are set out in MPS’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. Our benefits include access to Dental Legal Indemnity, expert advice and peace of mind. Highly qualified advisers are on hand to talk through a question or concern at any time.

European Academy of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology
Dedicated to promote, advance and improve clinical practice, education and/or research. Includes a directory of officers, meeting dates, its history, a membership application and a newsletter. Located in the UK.

HDA Service, Leadership and Advocacy for Hispanic Oral Health
Hispanic Dental Association, also known as HDA, represents health professionals who share a common commitment to optimize the oral health of the Hispanic community.

International College of Dentists
The International College of Dentists (ICD or “College”) is the oldest and largest international honor society for dentists in the world. Established in 1928, the College has over 12,000 members, in 122 countries, who have been awarded the prestigious title of Fellow in the ICD.

International Team for Implantology
With the ITI Foundation, platform for guiding research, development and education.

Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Land Brandenburg
Informationen für Patienten und Mitglieder zu Zahnärzten in Brandenburg, Behandlungen und politischen Neuerungen.

OSAP is dentistry's global resource for infection control and safety information and education.
AAP member periodontists are specialists in periodontal disease treatment, cosmetic periodontal procedures, and dental implant placement.

Pre-Dental society at ASU
The Pre-Dental society at ASU is a student organization dedicated to preparing and exposing Pre-Dental students to the field of dentistry and providing opportunities for leadership and volunteering. Information and advice is shared with members from practicing dentists and current dental students to create an understanding of what a Pre-Dental student should do to gain admission into dental school. We work with local dental schools and on our own to put on events to increase the oral health awareness in our community. We invite anyone who is interested in dentistry to join our club.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
Your teeth, like your fingerprints, are unique – no one else’s are the same as yours. Many options exist to replace missing teeth but only one – dental implants – can provide the feel, function and appearance of natural teeth. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) is a professional association of dental implant dentists and a leading authority on implants

Toothfriendly International
We are a non-profit organization with the aim to advance oral health

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