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AQUA-CEL Corporation
For over 10 years, AQUA-CEL Corporation has been developing thermal therapy products for health care professionals. Read the following to learn how using the AQUA-RELIEF(tm) heating pad system will benefit your practice.

Aaron's Chiropractic Equipment Repair Service
service, sales and repair of all makes and models of chiropractic equipment

Absolute Comfort On Sale
Memory Foam mattresses, Mattress pads, pillows and more at amazing prices. NASA developed this visco-elastic foam to help with joint and back pain -- and it works!

All About Massagers
Shop online for massagers of all kneads. Carrying many brands and models of quality popular, economical and effective massage therapy units.

Avazo Co
US and Canada exclusive distributor for Detensor spinal traction therapy products. Products are great for chiropractor's office, physical therapists and home use.

Axiom Woldwide
Non-surgical medical equipment manufacturer developing products for the treatment of back and neck pain and chronic cervical conditions.

Barge Supply and Nutrition
Offers chiropractic equipment, pillows, hot/cold therapy, massage, and nutritional supplements.

Bed of Nails
The ultimate modern acupressure meditation bed! Bed of Nails acupressure mats & pillows for deep healing, by BON

Bennett X-Ray
Bennett X-Ray - A leader in chiropractic radiography imaging. Film and digital chiropractic x-ray systems.

Bloomingdale - Protocol for Life Balance™
Protocol For Life Balance™ is a high quality line of supplements which provides practitioners with great products and excellent support. Protocol For Life Balance™ is a wonderful source of information and experience for busy practitioners who need to focus on patients.

Body Balance System
Body Balance System is a leader in wellness technology offerings including the Renovati Cleanse, detoxification foot bath system.

Canadian Massage Supply
We are a Canadian Distributor of Massage Supplies, medical supplies, massage tables, massage lotions, and medical equipment
We have all types of Chiropractic Equipment available. If you can not find the equipment you are looking for please feel free to give us a call

Chiropractic Biophysics CBP
Seminar details, resources, and information about the chiropractic biophysics technique.

Chiropractic Radiographic Systems and Generators
Redefining the future in radiography, Summit Industries is proud to be a leader in chiropractic imaging. In support of the radiographic demands of chiropractic professionals, Summit has engineered their systems and components well beyond the industry standard

ElectroMedical Solutions
ElectroMedical Solutions is dedicated to providing physicians and patients alternative solutions for the effective treatment of pain and muscle conditions.

Electromyography (EMG) and Neuromuscular diagnostic technologies: Myotronics-Nor
Neuromuscular, EMG and surface electromyography diagnostic and evaluation technologies for the dental and medical professional.

Electrotherapy products, microcurrent, interferential, muscle stimulators, muscl
electrotherapy products

Ergopathic Resources
Vials for bioenergetic sensitivity & allergy evaluation and management protocols. We manufacture and sell testing vial kits, custom vials, vial boxes, empty powder vials, blank filled vials, and coming soon, the testing vial honeycomb.

The Fenix Rehab System was invented and developed by a doctor who understands the importance of the myofascial component of pain, and the stress on your time and body in correcting this aspect of your patients' complaints. His own chronic myofascial pain developed from years of a busy practice and his daughter's fibromyalgia motivated him to develop and bring the Fenix Rehab System to you the clinician.

Global Decompression
Worldwide chiropractic and medical equipment resale.

Great Lakes Medical
Supplier of chiropractic supplies and equipment such a cervical pillows and orthopedic braces. Also offers a medical billing service.

HCMI - Digital Radiography Innovators
HCMI builds the first affordable direct digital radiography equipment available.

Hagersville, ON - Elite Chiropractic Tables
Chiropractors have been practicing on Elite Chiropractic Tables for over 35 years and have earned a reputation for durability, performance and value.

Hessco Serving the Chiropractic profession for more than 40 years
We also offer you exclusive lines such as Zenith, Chattanooga, Lloyd, Hill, Dynatron, Sombra, Acustat, etc., in most areas. Then theres reconditioned equipment. With 11 offices taking in trades and consignments nationwide, its safe to say that HESSCO offers you the largest selection of reconditioned equipment available anywhere in the world!

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