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911 Safety Rage
Water, hiking, and fire safety tips brought to kids through games, activities, and stories.

A Kids Eye Safety Guide
An interactive guide for kids to learn how to prevent eye injury to children with safety tips and coloring pages.
Helping the youth of today prepare for tomorrow. Providing parents, children and teens information on internet safety.

AOL Parental Controls
Free Parental Control software for kids and teens, available at no charge. Features activity reports, internet filters, an online timer and instant messaging controls. Toy Recalls
Information for parents and caregivers about major toy recalls. Includes a collection of articles and resources.

Adult Sites Against Child Pornography
Non-profit organization that works with the U.S. Customs Service and the FBI in enforcing anti-child pornography laws. Includes their goals, FAQ, press releases, details of members, and a facility to report suspected sites.

Alerta en Línea: Información para niños
Aprende sobre la seguridad en Internet, buenos modales en la interacción y juegos.

Amby's Fun and Learning
Activity coloring book for kids to learn safety at home, school, and while playing.

American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Injury, Violence and Poison Preventio
Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention was founded in 1990 and is dedicated to educating the general pediatrician and pediatric subspecialist on the prevention of injuries, violence, and poisonings. In addition, the section consults to the AAP Board of Directors on related issues and works with the AAP Committee on Injury, Violence, and Poison Prevention to provide comments on official AAP policy in this area.

Angels That Care
Domestic violence, missing/abused children resource site.

Anti-Child Porn Organization
Volunteer organization aiming to stop the sexual exploitation of the world's children. Offers the 'Reveal' software for download, resources for parents, whitepapers, and press.

Application Blocker
Software for limiting use of applications. Blocks websites, chat, filesharing and games, limits time online, monitors internet activity.

Arizona Operation Lifesaver
Dedicated to preventing injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and along railroad right of ways. Puzzles, games, and activities to teach kids about train safety and warning signals.

Arrested under Truth in Domain Names Act
A CNN report on the arrest of a site owner on charges of using misleading domain names on the Web to deceive minors into logging on to pornographic sites.

Arrive Alive
Learn safety tips for walking, crossing the road, rollerblading, cycling and riding in cars and buses. Includes UK road signs and road markings.

Be Web Aware
Tutorial and tips for parents on the benefits and risks of being on the Internet.

Being Safe in the Kitchen
KidsHealth tips include having an adult assistant, how to protect clothes, ways to keep germs out of food, and how to avoid burns and spills.

Bites and Stings
Fact sheets cover insects, snakes and spiders in Australia, illustrations to help show the correct first aid to use in each case.

Browsing and system management tool, limits user access to websites, protocols, hardware and applications. Limits access based on user, group, time. Remote management capability.

Buddy Browser for Kids
Secure web browser for kids, available free. Includes kid-safe Internet Messenger, and inbuilt resources for education, gaming and fun.

CK and Friends
Find out about Captain Koala and his friends, play some fire safety games, print out coloring sheets, learn about Junior Volunteers and find information for school projects.

COPA Commission
Dedicated to identify technological or other methods that could help reduce access by minors to harmful material on the internet.

CPR: A Real Lifesaver
Knowing what to do when someone stops breathing can save their life. This article explains what CPR is, and where it is taught.

CYFERnet - Children, Youth and Familes Education and Research Network
Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC) is an alliance of voluntary partners who provide access to quality information in agriculture, food security and related topics. CYFERnet brings together the best, children, youth and family resources of the public land-grant universities in the country.

Camping Basics
TeensHealth offers survival tips and camping necessities. Includes what to pack, what to wear, and keeping the campsite safe.

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