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Includes book and links describing vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements for various health conditions.

A.H. Almaas
The collected written works of the originator of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, and the Ridhwan School.

Aesclepian Chronicles, an on-line journal, was first published in May, 1995 as a publication of the Synergistic Health Center (SHC), Chapel Hill, NC. In May of 2000, The Center changed to Advance Physical Therapy and Holistic Health. Aesclepian Chronicles was largely inactive during the interim period. It has been reactivated and is a publication of Advance Physical Therapy and Holistic Health, Chapel Hill, NC and Health Care for the Twenty First Century (HC21), Cary, NC.

Agora Health Books
Alternative and holistic health books.

All Natural Total Headache Relief
eBook empowers readers to eliminate their headache pain. Addresses migraine, sinus, tension, allergy, cluster, chronic, & rebound, triggers, natural/alternative pain relief products/medicines

Offers training manuals on using Qigong methods for health maintenance, stress management, treatment and prevention of cancer, aids, and immune disorders.

Alternative Health News
With daily updates, links current health and alternative health headlines, alternative therapy websites, commentary by alternative health experts, and more.

Alternative Health and Inspirational Newsletter
Advice, tips on achieving goals, affirmations, inspirational quotes, and alternative medicine in a free newsletter.

Alternative Medicine Com
A third-party publisher proudly serving natural product retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, practitioners and consumers.

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment of Mercury Poisoning
Explains how to find out if someone has mercury poisoning e.g. chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ADHD, autism and what to do to cure it.

Amazing Remedies
Printed and digital books about methods to treat cold sores, flu and arthritis, using alternative medicine.

America East Publishers, Inc.
Channeled messages by brothers from the higher realms of creation. Includes sample messages.

Ancient Landscapes - Distant Music
Distant Music a true story of the relationship between a composite soul and the consciousness of the Earth to fulfill the Prophecy of the Creation Path.

Angelo Omar
Author of I Met an Angel. Includes information about the book and upcoming film.

Apple Publishing
Apple Publishing is a steadily growing company that publishes and distributes only fitness, wellness and alternative healing material...and we've been doing it for well over a decade!

Appreciative Medicine
Resource center for Appreciative Medicine movement, led by Tel Franklin, M.D. Includes articles, case studies, resources for health care professionals, practitioners' network, and more. Recommended.

Archangels Reveal God's Divine Plan
Laura Lee Galan describes a meeting with Jesus Christ and his angels who teach the meaning of the Book of Revelation. Preview and ordering information.

Ark Bookstore
Featuring shopping and events for this Santa Fe, New Mexico bookstore.

Art of Massage Made Easy
Educational and humorous CD-ROM analysis of the book by John Harvey Kellogg.

Artist's Way
A gathering place for an online community of artists working through the book 'The Artist's Way', by Julia Cameron. Includes a message board, a chat schedule, and the basic principles behind the book.

AskWhy Publications
Books from a historical perspective, regarding religious mythology and scientific speculation, featuring historical sources on Christian and Jewish origins. Contains quotes, articles and notes.

AskWhy Publications
Books from a historical perspective, regarding religious mythology and scientific speculation, featuring historical sources on Christian and Jewish origins. Contains quotes, articles and notes.

Awareness Magazine
Awareness Magazine, Southern California's Guide to Conscious Living

Barbara Rose, PhD
Messages received directly from God, for personal power and spiritual awakening.

Barry Long Books
Catalogue of books and audio tapes on meditation, self-knowledge and the spiritual nature of man and the universe, with extracts and reviews.

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